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Enjoy technology.

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Very interested in using drone technology for Video projects.


Aliso Viejo

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Jim Jordan replied to Erik Graham's discussion How do I read battery info (mah vs volts)? in IRIS
"As a very old school guy, Volts equals pressure, Amps equals volume of electrons.  Simple explanation always works for me, lol."
Jan 1, 2015
Jim Jordan replied to Pascal P.'s discussion And my Iris+ just went away... in IRIS
"I had a similar incident caused because I did not correctly load a new mission and as soon as I switched to Auto it took off to find it's first incorrect way point which was over 100 miles away.   I am still not sure why the "firewalls' and fail…"
Oct 30, 2014
Jim Jordan commented on Dan Murray's blog post Interest Groups Simultaneously File Three Lawsuits Challenging FAA's UAV Interpretation
"This looks like an excellent development.   IMHO the FAA interpretation is a classic example of regulator overreach, and I am glad that AMA is being a strong advocate for "the little guy."  Makes me glad I joined two days ago (after reading the FAA…"
Aug 23, 2014
Jim Jordan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A newbie's guide to UAVs
"Phillips post of June 23 has a link that no longer works.   At least when I click on it I end up on a FAA Page not found message.  Thanks Chris."
Aug 21, 2014
Jim Jordan replied to Jim Jordan's discussion FAA Link with some interesting info
"I also found this video discussing the comment period on the proposed interpretation of rules which could have a major impact on our hobby.   The old pros probably know this already, but I had no idea about the proposed rules and the upcoming…"
Aug 21, 2014
Jim Jordan posted a discussion
I am a newbie, and was looking through the Getting Started section and came across a dead FAA link.   I suspect this might be the updated one with some great information, but also follow the related links on the page where it discusses rule 333…
Aug 21, 2014
Jim Jordan commented on Chris Anderson's blog post A newbie's guide to UAVs
"The link is a now a dead link. 
While trying to find the information, I did find this interesting piece:  http://www.faa.gov/uas/media/model_aircraft_spec_rule.pdf"
Aug 21, 2014