How do I read battery info (mah vs volts)?

Can anyone point me to an idiots guide to amps/milliamperes and voltage?Coming from the software side of things I've never really payed much attention to things like amps or volts. As I transition away from the DJI Vision+ (which simply gives me a battery percentage) I've come to the realization that I can't really ignore this "electronics stuff" anymore.So far, I've worked out that mAh basically equates to battery capacity. I've figured out that these Iris+ batteries have 3 cells, and that those cells need to be "balanced" but I'm not quite sure what is being balanced within each cell (I thinks it's Volts).I'm having trouble grasping what volts are, but I thinks it's something to do with the strength of the charge, but I'm not sure.In my head I sort of imagine it like bandwidth. mAh is like my monthly data cap (for example 10GB), and volts are my connection speed (for example, 50mbps).I suppose another analogy would be a water tank... mAh equates to the volume of the tank (how much water it can hold) and volts equates to the size of the pipe out of the tank - the bigger the pipe, the more water that can be drained per second.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • As a very old school guy, Volts equals pressure, Amps equals volume of electrons.  Simple explanation always works for me, lol.

  • Here are two good, easy to understand sites Eric that should help you to understand a bit more:

    LiPo batteries explained

    Electrical Definitions

    Todd H.

    • Thank you!

      That was exactly what I needed. You get so many results googling these terms it's hard to find a well written, easy to follow, not too dumbed down explainer. Thank you so much.
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