Vail, CO

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Live and work in Vail, CO. Photographer & Videographer. My website: http://toddharper.zenfolio.com/

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I have been using UAV's now for over 4+ yrs. They are an integral part of my photography and video work.


Vail, Colorado

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Todd Harper commented on Marco Robustini's blog post How to recover any multirotor "out of VLOS" using only the "self level" flight mode
"Great video Marco. It should help quite a number of operators out there."
Jun 1, 2016
Todd Harper replied to Jack's discussion Turning FanBoys into FlameBoys in 3DR SOLO

When you first tried to place an order via 3DR's website, did you try reach out to them via email or chat about International shipping?"
Jun 1, 2016
Todd Harper replied to Mark Stanoch's discussion Setting Timer on FS-TH9X Transmitter in IRIS

Todd H."
Mar 27, 2016
Todd Harper replied to Rob_Lefebvre's discussion Notification: My Community Support Ending
"Thanks for everything Rob and while it's not the best news to hear that you're leaving, its exciting to hear about your own project(s)
As one doors closes, another opens.
Looking forward to reading and seeing your creations.

Todd H."
Jan 28, 2016
Todd Harper replied to Todd Harper's discussion SOLO with Feiyu-Tech 3D MINI attached in 3DR SOLO
"While I have heard of that gimbal I have not used one personally so I have no experience for an opinion on it. If your good with modifying and soldering then it may be worth putting your time into. Remember though, it will void your warranty."
Oct 11, 2015
Todd Harper replied to Fish's discussion 3DR SOLO - How to Start and stop video on GoPro remotely in 3DR SOLO
Oct 11, 2015
Todd Harper replied to Pauli Isoaho's discussion How to add more flight time to Iris+ in IRIS
"That's a tall order for IRIS. Are you looking to solely fly, shoot video, fpv?  Every action you do to increase flight time will ultimately have an effect on something else, an example is a bigger battery = increase in weight, increase the weigh =…"
Sep 24, 2015
Todd Harper replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"Popping in here to say that 3.3 rc12 ran great on my IRIS+. Granted I was not able to test every single mode and function but out of the modes I was able to fly in ,AltHold, Sport, PosHold, Circle everything went smooth.  First flight no gimbal.…"
Sep 22, 2015
Todd Harper replied to Todd Harper's discussion SOLO with Feiyu-Tech 3D MINI attached in 3DR SOLO
"Was in a bit of rush earlier Randy, it's embedded now ;)"
Aug 16, 2015
Todd Harper posted a discussion in 3DR SOLO
3DR SOLO 1 from T Harper on Vimeo.As some of you may have seen I did a recent blog on how I attached this gimbal to SOLO along with being able to control the tilt via SOLO's paddle.Here is a test flight with that gimbal.GoPro Hero 42.7K wideNo…
Aug 16, 2015
Todd Harper posted blog posts
Aug 9, 2015
Todd Harper replied to RPM's discussion Solo smart battery % at end of flight in 3DR SOLO
Christian did a great write-up on the exact this topic for the IRIS+ a few months ago. He goes over the various situations of the FS's. Give it a read, most of the info can be applied to SOLO as well.…"
Jul 14, 2015
Todd Harper replied to Justin H.'s discussion Elevation impact on IRIS+ flight times. in IRIS
I consistently launch from elevations around 9,000ft and sometimes from areas ranging between 10,000 to 11,000ft without indecent.
My IRIS+ carries the same basic payload as yours and I typically see flight times of 6-8min, depending on…"
Jul 14, 2015
Todd Harper replied to Robert H Fraser's discussion Solo and Mission Planner? in 3DR SOLO
"Users can use any of the 3DR's programs however please read this before you venture that direction and understand what 3DR is saying in this quote.
3D Robotics Inc. "Solo can do everything IRIS+ can do — just pair Solo with Tower or Mission Planner.…"
Jun 9, 2015
Todd Harper replied to Gregg's discussion Newbie with a iris that loses power in IRIS
   The updates are critical so whenever a new one comes out, read about it and install it.
Calibrate your radio as well.
The powering down speed you noticed is normal. Since the IRIS+ had no props and did not lift off the ground it really has…"
Jun 4, 2015
Todd Harper commented on Roger Sollenberger's blog post Everything you need to know about the Solo controller, a controller smarter than most drones
"Thanks Roger for putting this write up together. Having held the controller I can its a refreshing departure from the traditional tx's.

Todd H."
Jun 1, 2015