Part 2 Feiyu Tech gimbal / SOLO

Once connected, navigate to the Standard Parameter's screen, scroll down and change the CH6_FUNCTION from Disabled to RCPassThru. This opens the connection for the tilt function via the paddle. Once changed click Write Params at the top.

3689662324?profile=originalOnce Written then click on Initial Setup, Optional Hardware and then Camera Gimbal.

The only area of concern is the top portion labeled TILT. Match your setting's to the setting's shown.

3689662238?profile=originalOnce the TILT area matches go ahead and exit out of MP.

You can now take SOLO outside to safe clear wide open area and test the modification.

Due to the gimbal causing a Magnetic Interference issue to come up, you will need to attach and power up the gimbal after SOLO has completed it's pre-flight check.

Once SOLO has informed you that it is ready to fly and has a solid gps lock, bring the gimbal (GP installed but turned off) over to the hull, feed the 3 wires through the center hole of the plate but do not make the main connection to power the gimbal up yet.  Attach the mounting plate/gimbal to SOLO using the 3 philips head screws. Once attached and secure go ahead and push in the harness connector to the FY gimbal plate. The gimbal will power up and go through it's calibration process. Do not touch it. After a few seconds it should be ready to go. If you do not see it power up check all your exterior connections. If they look good, power down SOLO and you will need to check your modified internal connections.

When the gimbal is stable pick up the controller and move the paddle on the top left off the controller. You should see the camera tilt down and up. Make sure it corresponds to what the controller display is showing as well. The haptic feedback will let you know when the limits of each movement have been reached. 

From here you can turn on the GP and launch SOLO.

Items to note:

  Flight time will decrease slightly due to the fact that the battery is now also supplying power to a gimbal.

  If/when you swap SOLO's battery, you will need to remove the gimbal fully and start the process over or you may see

  the Magnetic Interference warning come up. SOLO will not allow you to launch with that warning in place.

  You may experience some noticeable vibrations transferring to the gimbal. This is currently a work in progress to

  reduce that.

   Depending on the damper balls you choose, the gimbal may sit close to the ground. As such you may need to raise

   SOLO slightly to compensate for that. I use 2 lengths of deck material cut to size and place them running lengthwise

   under SOLO's landing gear. You will also need to remember that for when you land.

   Take care when packing up and/or transporting SOLO with the gimbal attached.

At the time of this writting there is no video feed back to SOLO's app, I will be looking into solving that. Do not use the GP wifi in order to gain the video feed. If you choose to do so, you are putting SOLO at risk.

Lastly, if you have completed this mod I wish to remind you that the 3DR SOLO warranty is now no longer valid for your SOLO. Any/all repair or flight issues that you need assistance from 3DR with will be handled at the discretion of 3DR.


Todd H.


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  • How are you controlling gimbal yaw on the Mini 3D?

  • Definatelly re-calibrate compass after installing gimbal.  

  • T3

    Due to the gimbal causing a Magnetic Interference issue to come up, you will need to attach and power up the gimbal after SOLO has completed it's pre-flight check.

    Ok, I have no experience with the Solo, but why not re-calibrating the compass with the gimbal attached? Otherwise you might run into serious problems.

    Best regards,


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