Into the Cold. ...Trailer.

Hello all,

Wanted to let you know that this winter I be using my IRIS+ to film at various locations around Colorado to capture some of the amazing landscape as it is blanketed in snow and ice.

Here is the trailer Into The Cold...Trailer

Looking forward to showing more amazing footage with the help of the IRIS+ and GoPro

Todd H.

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  • This is kind of a silly question, but how were you taking off and landing in the snow? I'm going to do some backcountry filming and I'm trying to come up with a good setup. Just a tarp? Cardboard?

    • It depends on how deep the snow is. 

      When I was shooting in this area the snow was only 6" deep so I cleared off a 3ft by 3ft square down to the ground. When I go to other locations and the snow is 12" or more I choose an area, pack down the snow as much as possible making it as level as possible, lay down a small tarp and anchor the corners with tent stakes. One side of my tarp has a carpet-like material on it which allows the rubber feet of the landing gear to grip on to. With a standard tarp the rubber feet can sometimes slide around. Cardboard it alright in a pinch but it is slippery if it gets snow on it and it can absorb moisture so any snow you don't brush off can potentially turn it into just a mess.

      One other thing to remember is, after you have made an area to launch from, be aware of the "loose" snow around the take-off/landing area. Here in Colorado our snow is very dry and the rotor wash can kick it up as you power up or when landing so it best to clear or pack down an additional 1ft beyond the actual spot where the IRIS+ will sit.  

      Todd H.

  • Duude... That is truly awesome. Great job. Couple questions:

    What FOV mode did you have the go pro in?

    The music - where can I get that?


    • Thanks for the compliment.

      Shot with: GoPro HERO4 Black was in 2.7k 48fps WIDE

      Music: Ice Of Phoenix by Audiomachine

    • Nice. Btw. Have you already tried manual exposure with Hero4?

    • Yes..... I have experimented with all the settings of the HERO4 and by in large the camera does an excellent job of adjusting all on its own. 

      Having used DLSR's most of time I can appreciate the ability of the GPH4 to allow some manual adjustments by the user.

      Todd H.

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