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  • Developer

    @Samuel MI: over 1000 meters, tested.

  • @Macro

    I'm very curious that how high it will go with frsky transmitter and receiver ( I mean, its range)??

  • Moderator

    It helped me last night, A sudden line wind took the copter a looong way from me at high speed. I had watched the video at lunch time and thought , Ok time for a test. Copter came home with no problem. Thank you . 

  • Great video Marco. It should help quite a number of operators out there.

  • Developer

    Marco, really excellent video.  I've heard of this technique (or something similar) but never seen it demonstrated before.  That should be in every drone training course I think.

  • Thanks for sharing this great tip.

  • That's a great tip, thanks.

  • nice tip Marco. I'll try it out. My trick so far was: little stick forwards and a bit of rudder. After some yawing the copter will end up flying sideways and then you know where the nose is.

  • MR60

    Great! I'm going to try to "cabro" to face the same direction "como decollo". Arducopter is super cool in italian!

  • Great tip, I will have to try it out!

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