• As Todd says, it's a tall order. I myself have an Iris and an Iris+, and I have been playing around trying to get longer flying times with different batteries and props but at the end the story is that by maximizing batteries and propellers and minimizing payloads you may get about 20 min in optimal conditions. So if you really need 30 mins flight times you are better off looking for an alternative drone.

    Good luck

    PS (I am still happy with my Iris doh)

    • What upgrade have you done? The props ? The batteries ?

    • not upgrade, using multistar 5200 and xoar 10x6, no payload

    • How do you get a battery of that size into your Iris+?  


      Length-A(mm) 142
      Height-B(mm) 49
      Width-C(mm) 22


      Length-A(mm) 135
      Height-B(mm) 40
      Width-C(mm) 25

      The length and width are OK, but the height is 9mm bigger.  I made a mock up of this battery out of wood and couldn't get it to insert.  

      I'm using a Zippy battery from HobbyKing which fits.  It's the same width and height but is a little longer.  I'd much rather one of the MultiStar batteries at it would give me an extra 200mAh over the Zippy.

      Thanks for any info.

  • That's a tall order for IRIS. Are you looking to solely fly, shoot video, fpv?  Every action you do to increase flight time will ultimately have an effect on something else, an example is a bigger battery = increase in weight, increase the weigh = less flight time etc... While you can maximize IRIS's potential you should first ask yourself, why do I need it fly fly long? Fun, study, data collection? Once you answer that then you can start looking at if IRIS is the right platform for what you want to do.

    Todd H.

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