New South Wales

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Beginner in UAV/quadcopter scene. Just purchased my second quad - an Iris+ (upgrading from Walkera QR X350 Pro).

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Mainly aerial photography



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Stuart Johnson replied to Pauli Isoaho's discussion How to add more flight time to Iris+ in IRIS
"How do you get a battery of that size into your Iris+?  








The length and width are OK, but the height is 9mm bigger.  I…"
Oct 6, 2015
Stuart Johnson replied to chris lumley's discussion Ilook+ in IRIS
"That's how you do it.  Set up a time lapse and let it take photos every few seconds.  Then take the best of the set captured. I believe the latest iLook has remote shutter control but I believe it only works with the Walkera remotes.  Would be worth…"
Oct 6, 2015
Stuart Johnson replied to Justin H.'s discussion Elevation impact on IRIS+ flight times. in IRIS
"I only fly at sea level where I am, but this is interesting and something most people probably wouldn't think about.
Do you have any footage?  It must look great that high up even if you're not that far about the (elevated) ground.
Aug 25, 2015
Stuart Johnson replied to Mark Stanoch's discussion Mission Planner - Does It Work On Windows 10? in IRIS
"Hi Thomas,
I have been running Windows 10 since v9926 and Mission Planner has worked fine.  I connect to my Iris+ using direct connection (USB) or wirelessly using the FrSky module connected directly to my PC.  
I haven't tried changing the serial…"
Aug 24, 2015
Stuart Johnson replied to Stuart Johnson's discussion Iris+ FS-TH9X Transmitter - stuck trim? in IRIS
"Thanks, Andrew.  I have done as you suggested and joined the FB group.  I haven't had much luck with any suggestions though.  

Living in hope I guess.  I think I'm resigned to getting another TX.  Not sure if I'll stick with the Iris one now though."
Aug 22, 2015
Stuart Johnson replied to Stuart Johnson's discussion Iris+ FS-TH9X Transmitter - stuck trim? in IRIS
"Thanks, Keith.  That certainly a horror story.  When you got it back, was it all OK?
I've checked, double checked and triple checked the connections and can't for the life of me work out what is wrong.  Short of having an issue with the CPU, I can't…"
Aug 21, 2015
Stuart Johnson posted a discussion in IRIS
Hi Folks,I just did the black light LCD mod and after putting the transmitter back together, I seem to have a stuck trim (right hand side).When I switch on the transmitter, the 3DR logo appears, then the 'boot' beep happens, then the trim beep…
Aug 20, 2015