• Need to turn driver signing off before those drivers will load, even on windows 8 this was an issue.

    • Yes, I dug deep into my memory banks (Google) to remember how to do that.

      On Win 7 it asks as I recall. On Win 8 & 10 you have to change the setting. That's the part I forgot.

      Thanks for the reply.

    • Developer

      the current problem with drivers is not signing, but line endings.

      next mp release will fix this.

    • HI Michael,  Can you give us timeframe for the next release?  I am a little reluctant to fly using the Windows 10 laptop knowing full well that there are issues present.  I too loaded the drivers in Windows 8 using the Prolific Driver package.  But I encountered an error on my Windows 10 machine when upgrading MP to the current version.

    • I have been interfacing with my Iris over hardwire USB and with the TLM radios.  The radios take a few seconds to initialize, so I plug it in before I fire up MP in Win 10,  from there its smooth sailing.

      Do you have an old computer Mark?

    • Developer

      drivers are not required on windows 10. windows now has a cdc acm driver. so it make no diffrence

  • I had MP installed so long on Windows 7 and 8.1 I forgot what drivers are installed, but when loading in a fresh install Win 10 Pro machine,  a bunch of drivers failed installation.

    I'm pretty sure these installed successfully on Win 7 and Win 8.1. 


  • Mission Planner works fine in Win 10 in either mode on my Surface 3 pro.   I was also running Andy (Android in a VM machine) but the Oracle VM doesn't work in Win 10 (think I need to reinstall).

    With Andy, I can also test Tower settings etc.

    • UPDATE:  loaded the new version of Andy - below is Tower running in an Android (Andy) window over Mission Planner.

      Will test with the Iris once I get home....both apps should update with the single link to the pixhawk over USB.


  • Same as everyone else. Windows 10 working fine with MP. I'm actually liking Windows 10 (so far).

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