Newbie with a iris that loses power

Can somebody here read my log file from the 2 flights when i crashed. I really dont want to wait for 3dr to contact me. Or if some know how to fix the power loss. Inhave 2 irises and thry both have the power problem.

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  • Gregg,

    I will try to help. Send me all the logs for both IRISes, and any personal notes or details about the flights.


    • Well 3dr pretty much dropped the ball on reading my flight logs, so can you help me out?

    • Gregg,

      I need an account of what you observed on each flight. Are the files you sent for one or two IRISes? What is the present configuration of the IRIS or IRISes.  There are a couple of parameters in your files that are problematic, but I need more information to put them into context.  I would not worry about the PM log failure right now. 

      What did you see happen during each flight?

      Are you flying stock?

      What battery are you using?

      Are you carrying a gimbal? If so, please state which one, and the camera it is carrying.

      Do you have your logs from your first out-of-the box flights.


    • Jim

      The files are from one Iris, the newest one right out of the box. All stock settings and no firmware upgrade which it wanted. Stock 5100 mah lipo, no calibrations on anything. DYS 3 axis gimble instead of the tarot 2 axis gimble installed with a go pro 3 white camera. Air temp was 80 degrees, low humidity, gusty winds 10 to 12 mph. Kept noticing low throttle response on take off but my x8 is the same way. Both crashes were aggressive turns into the wind about 15 to 20 ft AGL. 

      As per 3dr, I have installed the new firmware upgrade, calibrated the escs, accelerometer, compass but not the radio. Have not flown yet..a bit leery. Did noticed when I had the props off and throttling up that things were kinda weird.  sometimes the motors would spool up very quickly from zero, then approaching mid stick would slow down, then a hesitation, then a short power increase until full throttle. Sometimes the throttle would not really engage until 50% I dont like to run motors too fast with out props so I would power down. On powering down and disarm, once in a while the motors would stay stuck on like 60 to 80 % power and would not shut off for a few seconds. Would not do it all the time.

      Wow quirky stuff.

      The first flight of three that day was non eventful, but I did not fly it as aggressively as the last 2 flights. Flat rudder turns. I will try to send you that file log. I guess I could try to fly again and send you the logs. some one said that the combination of the long legs, gimble and cam is too heavy for the Iris. I noticed that the c rating is very low on the stock lipos, not sure if that has anything to do with that.

      I appreciate all your help and will wait to fly this devil. I have a Kraken 130 octo I just built and need to test fly..  


    • Jim,

         The updates are critical so whenever a new one comes out, read about it and install it.

      Calibrate your radio as well.

      The powering down speed you noticed is normal. Since the IRIS+ had no props and did not lift off the ground it really has no idea what its doing, only that power was increased and then decreased. The IRIS+ will act more "normal" when you actually fly it.

      It will lift your current gimbal and camera set-up however you may experience shorter flight times due to the weight. Always fly with the long legs attached.

      Aggressive flying does have it limits and so does the IRIS+. Too aggressive and with that payload it may have a hard time reacting quickly. Find you balance with hard maneuvers and keeping it in the air.

      Todd H.


    • Thanks Todd. Yes the first of the three flights was fine. Was filming and I flew with flatter turns. I have done all the calibrations and will fly tomorrow with out the gimble for a few pacs.
    • Hey Todd

       The iris is much behaving since I did all the upgrades and calibrates. Now I have a new issue with my 3dr x8. The gimble twitches when tilting command is sent from the radio. Never did that before! Tried another gimble and it did the same. thought it was the board. It looked like the gimble servo wire from the knob channel on the rx goes thru the pixhawk then to the gimble control board. Something in the pixhawk is screwing with the tilt signal. I was thinking of bypassing the pixhawk with a long servo wire  directly to the gimble board. Any ideas? The gimble works fine when powered and holds good, just when I tilt it down it starts jitering and will not lock on a setting from the knob. thanks

    • Gregg,

      Sounds like you will probably have to make test flight after taking 3DR's recommendations.  The things I noticed may not be related the mishaps, but let me point it out.

      On both flights, the battery voltage looks like a 4S-type battery. If you are running the 3S 5100 mAH, maybe you should check your battery monitor calibration.

      On both flights, CurrTot is nearly 5000.  It should not be more than 80% of the 5100, or 4080. This is true regard of how many cells the battery is comprise of.  Over drain of the LiPO battery that could cause early failure.  You probably should check battery voltage and current maximum usage in the APM battery monitor section.

      I know that this does not seem like cause of the erratic throttle but it makes sense to eliminate basic issues first.

      Do you plan to retest after following the 3DR tips?


    • Yes Jim I will test fly tomorrow without the gimble for a few flights. Everything is calibrated as per 3dr request. I will post the results.
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