Solo smart battery % at end of flight

How low are you guys draining your battery per flight?

I have been testing it slowly, 20%...8% etc...

What I am wondering is if this smart drone will leave enough juice to return home based on how far away it is from that location?

I have been hitting the 20 min mark when I land below 10%

Next flight I will hover 1-2 feet off the ground above home and see how low will it go.


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    • I thought about that, and it almost prevented me from keeping my solo, but I want a good video copter that fits easily in a case, gets about 15+ minutes flying with the video gear and automates the process. It is for specific events or places I know will not require long flights (already have 30-40 minute copters), will easily fit in a case to put in the back seat or trunk without the props, gps and antennae getting in the way. Plus, I don't have to spend time tuning the darn thing; basically a turnkey solution to something I've not done much with, that being using a camera; only have had a FPV. I spent the past 2 years becoming a good flyer and learning AC, building MR's and such, now I figured it's time to get into video.

      I don't mind paying extra money for something that does what I want, and it is good quality. Hopefully the batteries aren't from HK :) :)

      I bought it with the idea that if I had problems it would get brought back to Best Buy. Well, I haven't had the problems reported from the initial release, it locks on GPS well and is very easy to fly. It also handles wind well enough.

      Once 3DR assured me running Tower/MP on Solo would not void the warranty, and changing parameters is allowed as long as they aren't found to be the cause of a crash or flyaway, I decided to keep it.

       I just received a Vertigo 27x zoom camera to put on the Spy 750. That should be interesting.  Now to figure out how to mount it :)  It has the same mounting hole pattern as a Tarot gimbal. Anyone out there familiar with a Sky Hero Spy know where to get a mount that would work for the Vertigo?

    • Not at all Richard, I am sure we are not the only ones wondering these things. They are $199 here and looks like I need to buy 3 more yet to make a decent attempt at mapping large areas.

      I would be happy if there was a balance port adapter so I could use a better charger. Right now the packs take 2 hours to charge.

      Does anyone know what the type of connector is? Not sure if it is proprietary or standard.

    • re-Does anyone know what the type of connector is? Not sure if it is proprietary or standard.

      I think it has slots or something that connects as it slides in place so yea proprietary. I can understand that it makes it easier to change and uses  less space.... I could deal with that much.  

  • Lots of great info here. Thank you!

    A distance from home based battery RTH feature could be really helpful. If not a full FS then a warning. There is a lot to monitor especially if you are focusing on a shot and it could be hard to judge in some situations.

    For battery % I was not thinking of it in that way, really good points.

    Tonight I kept the solo close at 20% and flew it until the battery remaining showed 8% then next time I looked it was displaying N/A so I landed.

    Measured 14.6v after the flight and it was showing 16.6v  in the app before the flight. I never timed it exactly but it was very close to 20 mins. I love flying this thing aggressively with the performance all the way up it is rock solid.

  • Developer

    I'm pretty sure the feature to reserve enough juice to come how is coming in a future release.  It's hanging around in a dev branch already but I suspect it needs more testing.

    nice pic by the way.

    • I'm not so sure I'd want that feature. id probably just disable that and keep track myself. I suppose a verbal warning would be helpful, something like: "You no longer have enough battery to make it home you idiot. Please find an alternative landing site"
    • I'd rather see something like "you still have enough battery to make it home if done within the next 30 seconds. After that, you're on your own".

      Seriously, I really need to study the manual more thoroughly for these issues. Thus far I haven't landed with less than 30%.

  • Developer

    What I am wondering is if this smart drone will leave enough juice to return home based on how far away it is from that location?

    The short answer is... no it won't. 

    You will need to make sure you have enough power left to RTL all the way back to home. If the power becomes critical, it will land. Which normally happens anyway as the power drops so much that there is not enough to create enough lift and the copter will descend

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