FAA Regulations for UAVs

The FAA website is very difficult to navigate, even for someone experienced in legal research. Does anyone know where the definitions for UAVs are?


Ex: I want to put a camera on an ArduPilot plane and take pictures. Is it possible to build within boundries, however restrictive, so that I wouldn't have to be certified to fly?


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  • Andrew,

    I am by no means an expert on this topic but I recently discussed this with an FAA official talking on a non-official basis.

    He said that so long as you are following the general guidelines for a model airplane then you can easily fly under those conditions/standards, which he briefly mentioned are:

    a) fly under 300 or 400 feet (can't remember which)
    b) fly less than 200 mph
    c) fly within sight of the operator
    d) don't do anything stupid (like fly within sight of an airfield) and take proper safety precautions.

    The FAA as I understand it has been studying the issue of regulating UAV's for some time and they have published some policy for commercial UAV's. However if you are not a commercial operator (your example sounds to lead me to believe this), then you should be fine.

    Just my 2 cents

  • Admin

    From discussions of UAV certification that have taken place in the past on this forum, I do not believe that you need to have your UAV certified if it is not used for commercial purposes (ie. operated as a taxable business)

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