Hey All,

i had a fatal crash a month ago (maybe a voltage problem). I rebuilt the quad with new engines and everything from the scratch. Today i flew 6 batteries and everything was really good. On the last (almost fresh) pack the quad suddenly fell from the sky. Again on a paved road so it got destroyed again. Can anyone please tell what happened from the logs? I really need to find out what happened because i cannot afford a fatal crash any month. I am almost about to give this all up although i really love it ...



2014-08-02 20-04-30_18.log

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  • you fly X frame, and pitch and roll rarted to oscillate in sync.  

    It seems like you got a problem with motor/propeller #1  (front right)  - APM was struggling with keeping that side up, giving very much throttle.

    Most likely a slipping prop.

    • Hey Andre,

      thank you very much- this helps me a lot. Would you please explain me where you found this? I can see Mot 2, Mot 3 and Mot 4 doing something very different from Mot1 (In the »mot«) panel. Is this the place i have to look for it or did you find this somewhere else?

      once again - thank you ...


      • If you plot ATT/Pitch and ATT/Roll, you'll see then it started to oscillate synchronously,

        The parameter FRAME=1 says you have a X config.  - when both axis oscillate the same, it must be a problem with one of two motors.  (on a + frame, one motor would mainly influence one axis)

        Then you see MOT/Mot1  - that worked using normal thrust all the time, but at the end, it needed to go much higher to to keep it level.  That's a sure sign of trouble.

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