Using a new Fatshark 5.8 with my 2.4Ghz Futaba controller. I hear folks complaining about 150m outages but I can't get much more than 10m. If I setup the camera without my quad simply turning around goes to static. WTF? Is there a special channel that works best with 2.4? I purchased the cloverleaf antennae, etc. and they are no better than the stock. What am I doing wrong or is this a huge waste of 500 bucks? Very frustrated with this purchase!

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What is the Fastshark transmitter power? Most of the Fatshark equipment I have seen is not very powerful. 900MHz is really the best way to go for video in most cases.



It's just 100mW, the other was billed as long range and this said range unobstructed up to 300M. More like 10M. I like the goggles with the built in receiver, looks great when you're sitting right next to the thing. I haven't tried it in many places, mostly near home which has a large field with mountains surrounding. Will get away from all sources of interference and see if that makes any difference.

They sell a compatible ImmersionRC 600mW which is compatible with my goggles but don't want to waste any more $$ unless I can get something useful. Just want it on a Quad and 300M would be more than enough range for my needs.

5G is a terrible frequency range for getting any sort of distance.  Lower frequency = longer range, all other things being equal.  100mW is a very weak transmitter.  10m is about what I'd expect for 100mW @ 5.8g.

Not sure why companies make such wild claims for 5G devices, but don't believe anything you read as far as range claims, especially with higher frequencies.

I should get my FatShark 5.8G system with the immersion 600mW transmitter by the end of the week or early next week.  From what I read, I'm not expecting more than 300m in good conditions.  I don't understand why they make a 100mW transmitter in the 5.8G band.  When I get the system, I'll tell you the range I'm getting.



I have an immersion 600mW 5.8Ghz VTx on my plane. Works great. I am using Fatsharks, but not the ones with the built in Rx.  

I would love to use 900Mhz or 1.3Ghz for video, but both are illegal for video transmission in Australia. I get ~2km with 5.8Ghz on flat ground with the plane flying at ~100m

I'm not sure why the cloverleafs are not helping, they made a huge difference for me. Some other things you can do:

  • Make sure both the Tx and Rx dipswitches are set correctly so they are on the same channel, it sounds like they may be not quite on the same channel.
  • Ignore the built in Rx in the Fatsharks and get a decent Rx, preferably a diversity type like this You can mount the cloverleaf on one antenna port of this
  • Buy a patch antenna (12dB or above) to connect to the other antenna port of the diversity reciever. If you combine this with the antenna tracking functionality of mission planner it will give you a very long range. This is how I get ~2km.

I realise this will add a bit to the cost, but I don't trust the built in Fatshark Rx.





I tried my new Fatshark 5.8G setup today.  I'm using the integrated Fatshark 5.8G RX module, the Immersion 600mW TX and stock antennas.  It's the first time I fly FPV so I didn't try to find the range limit but I can tell you that I got very good signal quality within a 100m radius. I didn't lose the signal once but sometimes the motors seems to generate some video noise.

So if you can't get more than 10m, you might have a problem with your 5.8G receiver.  If you know someone with the same setup, you should swap the RX module to see if it does the same thing.

I also bougth the Fatshark 100mW system, and just like you, I was disappointed. Got 50 meters, but at low altitude picture was unsafe to fly by at 20 meters.

Edit: Missed the part where you said you bought the Clovers already. :) 1. I suggest that you look at Hobbykings new CloverLeaf antennas. They should boost the range quite a bit and is a bargain at $40.

2. If thats not enough, do like I did and get the Immersion 600mW TX. Problem is its not compatible with the fatshark, you end up with a separate reciever and a wire to your goggles.


I forgot to mention, I first had mine close to the ESC:s, moved the TX to one of the landing legs, as far away from everything that I could. Seemed to help some.


Magnus, Sweden

The immersion 5.8G 600mW TX IS compatible with the integrated Fatshark 5.8G RX. That's the setup I'm currently using. It's true that you should get a RX and TX from the same manufacturer but it's not the case here.   hk not in stock i got some this morn. from tim


I have the Fatshark predator v2 series with a 250mw transmitter. On my transmitter I have about 4 little rocker switches which enable me to change channel. I assume that it is the same for all fat shark transmitters. I have a spektrum 2.4 radio and apparently channel 1 works best for any 2.4 radio. If not they recommend  that you just flick through the channels to find the one with the least interfearance. I hope to get a Immersion 600mw transmitter which I have heard will dramatically increase my range and clarity, WHEN HOBBY KING GET BACK IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!

Good luck

Hi All,

I use 5.8GHz Air Wave DPCAV kit transmitters and receivers. The transmitter is only 200mw so I use two receivers, an Oracle Diversity Controller, and a RMRC/ArduStantion2 tracking antenna and I get pretty good reception within most visual ranges.



Could you possibly have the RX and TX antenna swapped ? That could explain super-low range.

3 lobe cloverleaf goes on the TX (aircraft) and 4 leaf skew planar wheel goes on the RX (goggles).



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