Fatshark Balance lead TX connections

Hello,  I am about ready to hook up the Filtered Balance Lead TX Supply that came with my Fatshark Attitude system. Till my new quad comes in I am going to try it out on my AR Drone which has an 11v battery. There are 3 connections on the board for 2s, 3s, or 4s battery. First which should I connect to and mostly what is the positive and negative pin. Here is a photo so any help would be very much appreciated. I searched and could not find a video or photo.20140118_130129_Richtone%28HDR%29.jpg


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  • Hey Michael

    If you are using a 11.1 lipo you would use the 3s plug receptable.  I dont think the plug is filtered. It is used to balance the individual lipo cell.  If you look at the plug on the battery , one of them will be black, that is the negative.  But, looking at the picture, you should not be able to plug them in backwards. I hope this answers you question????

    That is what I use on my fatshark setup.



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