FBW-B Help Please.......

I have disabled my airspeed sensor for APM control but have it enabled for indication because when it is enabled for APM control my Skywalker seems to slowly loss altitude when I select RTL mode. Once I disabled the airspeed sensor for APM control the RTL mode worked perfectly.

I have 2 questions:

1. Will FBW-B mode still work correctly with the Airspeed Sensor disabled for APM control? It states in the Wiki that a Airspeed Sensor is required for FBW-B mode to function.

2. What APM parameter setting do I need to look at in order to have the airspeed sensor enabled and RTL to work correctly without loosing altitude?

I don't have my APM parameters available right now but can post them if it would help, they are the same parameters as the latest "Skywalker Para" file on the Wiki. Along with a tlog from when it was loosing altitude during RTL mode.


Skywalker 1900

APM 2.0

Airspeed Sensor

Latest "Skywalker Para" file from downloads.

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  • Todd:

    Slightly related to your question I have a follow up question, we have a need to fly photo missions and to maintain a constant ground speed, however we want to land it with airspeed active.  Do you know if there is a way to switch between airspeed and ground speed remotely?

    Thank you.

    Bret C

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