FBW in Arducopter?

I posted this on another topic but I should have specified it more directly in the proper topic here.  My application requires a lot of heli related aspects and arducopter covers them.  However, what I need is what was suggested to me in the other topic and that was FBW-A flight mode.  I have only see it in the arduplane wiki, I have not seen it in the arducopter wiki let alone the heli one.  I have very very little knowledge of coding but if it requires an insert somewhere I could try it with some help.  So with all that said is FBW-A in arducopter?

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  • I think what you're looking for is already implemented.    Stabilize mode maps a roll/pitch angle to the stick position.  Full stick movement gives you 45° attitude.  Center stick makes it center.  Simple as that.  This is the most common mode being flown, works quite well.

  • I found the mode that is in arducopter similar to this but how do I add user defined modes like ROLL_PITCH_STABLE from the wiki?  This mode should be like FBW-A in arduplane where the stick angle makes the aircraft go at an angle and not at a rate, right?.  I see there are a couple of lines on how to do this but I'm at a loss as to where to start.  Do I modify the config file? if so which one.  Do I copy and paste code into someplace?  Any help with this would be much appreciated.

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