FBW_B anomalies ver 2.012 Build 2623 / Lib 1850

I moved from AP to APM and had my maiden this morning.
All systems are working.
Data downlink up at 115200. Sensors: MTK ver 1.6, pitot, current, magneto.
What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Switch to FBW B after takeoff manual, steering the plane.
What is the expected output?
1. Aileron stick to left or right -> Banking to the limit angle.
2. Elevator stick up/down -> pitch up/down to the limit angle.
3. Add power to the motor when pitching up.
What do you see instead?
1. bank has no limit. 4500 was set. I stopped at 80°, I set 2000, no change in limit. I stopped at 80°
2. pitch limits set to standard. The plane pitches up and down (when moving the elev stick) with no limit.
3. When pitching up, the motor turns slower the steeper the upward angle.
When accelerating in FBW it seems that some pitch is mixed in as well.
The plane gains altitude instead of accelerating only. 


What do I do wrong? 

Thanks for any help


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    I am experiencing problems in FBW B as well.  my problem is that when I pull back on the stick, the aircraft dives at the max angle, the throttle is reduced. Now when I push the stick, the power is increased and the plane climbs at the min angle.  strange...


    Also the FBW PID min and max speeds dont seem to mean anything.  I am using the sim.  Everything else is working ok, I can fly manual and waypoints. 


    Please help me figure why the FBW B is acting this way.



  • I made a second flight today with the following change: ardupilotmega.pde line 274: boolean airspeed_enabled = true; On my flight 22.4.2011 I did not make sure if I have 3D lock. Although I should have had as I had today.

    Now the FBW_B works very nice, bank max angles are kept.

    Energy calculation for elevator stick movment seems to be the wrong way.
    pulling the stick -> plane going up -> motor RPM reduced.
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