I see the FCC have hammered HobbyKing in a BIG way on their 2.4GHz RCS RF Modules. I guess what's Right is Right, just wondering why they have been singled out - I wonder if ANY of the myriad of other RF 'modules' used by all and sundry are are approved, be it in the USA ( FCC) or Europe ( ETSI, etc) . All those telemetry links,  Video transmitters, what about the 3DR stuff?, etc...

I have no affiliation to HobbyKing or any other, but am in the process of getting EU approvals to ETSI standards for some datalink modules for animal tracking collars - its not fun, and it costs a wack, easily up to $20K US PER PART NUMBER type -  with a few re-designs along the road. Not really fair that those who go the road have to compete against the many who just flood the market with stuff, and then often just disappear. 

The joys of life in the Regulated World...

The Nampilot

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  • It's a bit bizarre in priority.

    In Sweden we do not have the resources to investigate all murders. "Less important murders" (wtf?) will have to make do with very limited resources. Have you been robbed? Well, we'll get to that later... or not.

    But wait, what exactly is that capacitor in your RC toy ... important!

  • As a annoying reminder, as you all hopefully know, a transmitter/transceiver must have a FCC ID(if in USA) on it. You can google that ID, the fcc database will have a image of the product if it is legit. 

    Your device is not legal to operate if: 

    If your device does not have an FCC ID on it(should be reasonably visible), 

    If your device has an FCC ID but has database pictures that do not nearly match the product you are using

    If your device is counterfeit (much harder to tell but if you buy from a 3rd party vendor who is selling at a fraction of the price, assume it is counterfeit).

    See FCC title 47 part 15 - 19 for cross validation. I am human.. =P  

    Note euro rules are different. Europe is a self certification where it is the sellers responsibility to ensure everything they sell is legal to operate. 

    As to why the crackdown on hobby king, they be a top retailer. The big fish are usually targeted first if blatant disregard rules is occurring. 

  • If they're breaking the law, not to mention blindly copying other companies work without recompense, then this is a good thing.

  • (interested in learning more about your wildlife tracking modules).

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    I suspect because the folks that invented DSMX and 2 kicked that off. There will be closer scrutiny of all the C2 links, as ever nobody listens in this space, they just bang stuff out and ignore the rules. The World Radio congress were pushing for all RPA stuff to be above 6 GHz in protected space. 

    To fly at Farnborough in 2010 I had to go to JR in japan to get my 35Mhz radio approved. Only there did they have the absolute specs. The hobby permission from OFCOM was not enough!

    It will be interesting if the FCC looks at other hobby products now

    This was the stand out line for me

    HobbyKing’s owner stated that HobbyKing is a small company that purportedly would “soon be ceasing operations entirely.”


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