Feild Flight Manual For Beginers

This started out as a basic check sheet for myself and its still a work in progress, but I felt this could also be benefit  a lot of new people starting of flying multirotor aircraft's.

The first few pages is a field check sheet to go through before you fly and this helps get a clear head and an to know and plan what your objective is.

Obviously the first pages are suited to my setup, and can be changed to suit yours, but the core content is the same for every one.

Further down in the manual is a lot of information I took off the Arducopter wed site and which I thought is relevant for novice flyers as I was when I first started compiling this manual.

I hope this helps some new flyers and I welcome any input you can offer for corrections, amendments and suggestion to what could be added.

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  • Amended copy with fail safe correction

    JQX-8 Flight Manual 0112a1.docx

  • That looks really good at first glance, but there's a problem here:

    There are two options for failsafe. If you are in Auto and prefer to continue your mission, the parameter THR_FS_ACTION should == 1.

    If you prefer to have the copter RTL even if it is flying under autopilot, THR_FS_ACTION == 1. 

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Aug 25