• Hi, one suggestion for a very quick test you could do to see if everything is in the right order / direction etc... in stable mode with very light throttle (and be VERY careful of the props) try picking it up and tilting forward / back / left / right, you should feel it fight fight you to right itself, if thats ok double check you don't have anything reversed on the TX before trying anything a little more drastic.
  • As Chris says, it could be anything.


    Aso check that you are in stable mode and not acrobatic. In acrobatic mode is is very sensitive and can look like that if you are over controlling. You can tell you are in stable mode by a very slow blinking of the green LED.

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    Could be any number of things: you don't have your pusher and tractor props on the right motors. Or you might not have the APM board facing the right way. Maybe you didn't calibrate right.


    You'll have to give us more info/pics/description to diagnose.



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