I know that Penguin's don't fly, but this I'm pretty happy with mine.

I've just completed 5 flights with my Penguin and I would have to say that it is a pleasure to build and fly. It has all the benefits of a Skywalker, but so far none of the bad characteristics (ie. tip stalls, sensitive elevator throws, shaking tail, lost of elevator control at high airspeed). I don't have the time to write a list of what I like about the Penguin (so assume I think its awesome), so I'm going to list what can be improved (as that list is much smaller).

1. The elevator servo should be mounted in the tail, as it is hard to access in the body, and there is some play in the elevator control rod which I used some sticky tape to fix
2. I don't like the play in the screw that holds the control rod to the clevis. There should be on screw from the clevis, and a grub screw to retain the rod in position.
3. The preinstalled velcro in the fuselage is the wrong way, the hook material should be in the aircraft, and the furry side should be on the parts (ie battery, receiver etc) that will mount onto the aircraft
4. A flat carbon strip should be provided rather than a tube to make the horizontal stabiliser more rigid.
5. I glued the vertical stabiliser in place as it didn't seem strong enough with one screw.
6. The canopy should be magnet mounted (put magnets where the screws go). Using a screw driver at the field is not convenient, and can lead to lose of screws or forgetting to screw the canopy on.

Other than that, I am very very very happy with the aircraft, it has very good handling characteristics, it doesn't get blown around in strong wind like the skywalker, it stalls cleanly, it can fly very slowly even without flaps, it isn't sensitive on the elevator or CoG, it doesn't lose control at high speed.

Param file attached.

Not my video, but it did entice me into buying one.  http://youtu.be/pyq3cGG1RC4

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Thank you!! Can hardly wait to get mine.


Can you post some pictures of your electronics layout? Thanks!

Sorry, but for the price, it is hard to beat a Skywalker. The only issue with a SW is the need to re-enforce the wings. But the trade is no need to mess with tail. Just my 2 cents.

The Skywalker is a great FPV platform and the Penguin has all the same positive points that the Skywalker has.

However it doesn't suffer from the following issues:

- Weak wing

- Weak tail section (shaky tail at full power)

- Tips stalls

- Loss of elevator control at high speed

- Sensitive elevator

- Sensitive CoG (very particular CoG required for good performance)

Has some positive points over the Skywalker:

- Modular FPV canopy

- Wheels for rolling take off and tarmac landings

- Strong wing, easy to take on and off

- Doesn't get blown around by the wind

- Wide flight envelope, 15 kts to 50kts IAS.

Thanks for posting this.  I am hoping to move to the Penguin over this winter time and will try your param file when I get there.

I am having serious problems with my SW as I just cannot get the APM2 to function properly with it.  I had the APM in a Bixler and it was fine, but the SW is really challenging me on setup.. I still have no RTL working..

That's strange, it is one of the recommended platforms. Did you try the param file for the SW? Rudder or Ailerons for turn? SW works fine as long as you re-enforce the wings a little. Keep an eye out for the new Range Video flying wing. It looks like a winner. There is also a new SW coming soon. Choices, choices, too many choices.

Well Steven, I should say that, first of all, I have crashed the SW so many times in learning  ( before I had the APM2) that it is a beast of glue and such.  While it flies, it is a little out of basic trim so to speak!  So the param files I have tried have not been very suitable for it.

The good side is I am learning quite a bit about the PID adjustments.. but I am not sure I want to learn too much!  I would rather be flying and FPV and maybe some longer missions...

I still plan to get this SW working with RTL though.  I am just not sure what is the problem.. it dives and such when RTL is engaged and tries to come home, but I have to pull out of it before it gets too close to the dirt....

I switched from a bixler 2 to a skywalker 1900 recently. i used the PARAM files on the wiki for each. the bix param i used untouched but the skywalker i had to mod a bit to make it fly better. the elevators servos are opposite on my bix and skywalker, which has caused me one crash when i forgot to change preset on my tx... I'm wondering if somehow your elevator is getting reversed in auto mode???

does stabilize mode work properly? is it only RTL that is diving?

Thanks Brenden,

Yes stab works well, and most recently loiter was doing well and RTL is almost there.

I think my problem is that my SW is badly out of sorts regarding correct straight lines, etc due to all the damage it has seen.  This probably causes it to need much different input gains and such .  

I crash a lot!!

In fact , just last week when it was doing pretty well and I was bringing it in for a landing I was flying over a paved parking lot to a grassy area to land.  It seemed as if as it got over the grass it lost all lift and just nosed in!  crazy!   I should have kept some power on at the last minute, but it was gliding so well I had no thought that there was any difference over the grass.  I can only assume that was the problem.

anyway, its back in order again for the next flight hopefully friday!

What would be good PID's for this plane? in your param file they seem unchanged?

HI do you have a build thread of this somewhere? Im building mine this week. Maybe we can share ideas. thanks

Hi Tran.

Im trying to fly a penguin with a D3536/8 1000kv motor and a APC 10x4 propeller.

Do you believe that your parameters wells works whit this?.

Thanks.. Hope your comment if its posible. Marino.

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