About Me:

I work at parkeflyer.com. We sell RC Transmitters and accessories to pilots who want access to the best technology for a really low price.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I like all things that fly. I'm building my first UAV based on ArduPilot.

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Thomas Gregg commented on Gary McCray's blog post Using a DJI 450 FlameWheel Quadcopter with the APM
"Anyone figured out the best PID settings for AC 3.0.1? The defaults work pretty well for me, but I continue to struggle with Loiter. Post 'em if you got 'em. Thanks."
Jul 21, 2013
Thomas Gregg replied to Andrew Tridgell's discussion APM:Plane 2.74 released
"You guys ROCK. I can hardly wait to fly it! Thank you so much."
Jul 17, 2013
Thomas Gregg replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter-3.0.1 released!
"Excellent work on 3.0.1. It is amazing!  I use SimonK ESCs and I'm still getting some twitch and wandering in Loiter. It is significantly better than 3.0r1

I'm new to ArduCopter (experience with ArduPlane). I'm not sure if it is a SimonK ESC issue…"
Jul 14, 2013
Thomas Gregg commented on Claudio Natoli's blog post iPad Ground Control Station
"Hello. Is this project still active? I'm very interested. Thanks."
Feb 20, 2013
Thomas Gregg posted a discussion
Hello. I have an APM 2.5 with MinimOSD. I can get my MinimOSD to function properly if my camera is unplugged. However, as soon as my camera is plugged in, I get great video, but no OSD text overlay. If I unplug my camera, me text comes back (with a…
Feb 8, 2013
Thomas Gregg posted a discussion
I think I'm going crazy...I'm running ArduPlane 2.68 and MP 1.2.28.I can't figure out where to upload a param file for a custom airframe.I've seen reference to a 'load' button on the Adv Parameters screen, but I don't see the upload button in this…
Jan 1, 2013
Thomas Gregg replied to Hai Tran's discussion Finwing Penguin FPV aircraft
"Thank you!! Can hardly wait to get mine.

Oct 28, 2012
Thomas Gregg replied to Jamie Glover's discussion Skywalker Param File WANTED

I flew today with a Sky Walker 1.6, ArduPlane 2.65 and the standard SkyWalker param file. I had the exact same problem. Bank left and descend. In manual mode everything is perfectly trim. I tried to level multiple times, but it didn't change…"
Oct 19, 2012
Thomas Gregg posted a blog post
 Hello. This is a follow up to our "9x DIY Upgrade Kit" install video. It covers everything you need to successfully update the firmware on your 9x radio following the hardware install covered in first video. In addition, this video also shows you…
Aug 13, 2012
Thomas Gregg commented on Michael's blog post The Giant Super Skysurfer 2.4m wingspan
"Wow! This is huge. The picture looks almost identical to the Bixler 2, but the Bixler 2 is only 1500mm. Very interesting. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=..."
Aug 8, 2012
Thomas Gregg commented on Parke @ ParkeFlyer's blog post The Best radio for DIY pilots just got better... TH9x 1 week sale: $69.95 --Update--
"Wow! We've been told we look "sexy" in our space suits, but I never thought it would come to this! Thanks for the heads up. We've alerted them and asked them to classify us correctly."
Jul 13, 2012
Thomas Gregg replied to Jeremy Gore's discussion ER9X Setup for Quadcopter
"Neo, This is definitely not what you want!. I'd start experimenting with your throttle curve. Finless Bob is the throttle curve guru over at helifreak.com. He has multiple videos on the topic. They aren't quad specific, but the same concept…"
Jul 7, 2012
Thomas Gregg replied to Scott Dominick's discussion Help get me started... a few questions.
"Hey Scott... Welcome the the club. RC in generally (and especially UAVs) require quite a bit of gear (some have truckloads). You can be smart about it, though.

I'm assuming you want to have manual control for take off and landings in addition to…"
Jul 6, 2012
Thomas Gregg replied to Sami Finnila's discussion Turnigy/iMAX 9X now with custom firmware!
"Guys, this looks really interesting. It is amazing to see the energy and creativity in this hobby. If you don't already know about this, here is a great forum for these types of activities. 9xforums.com. It's all about open source firmware for the…"
Jul 6, 2012
Thomas Gregg replied to Tony H's discussion Turnigy 9x VS Hobby King 7x
"I second the Turnigy 9x (or the FS-TH9x which is the same). A company named FlySky is the original factory. HobbyKing rebrands this as the Turnigy 9x. The only difference other than color and label is HobbyKing places the antenna in the traditional…"
Jul 6, 2012
Thomas Gregg replied to John Kwasky's discussion Help With new (first) TX/RX purchase (budget)
"My brother and I started ParkeFlyer.com, a small company focused on helping people get the best transmitter for your money. Although we're biased, we strongly believe the 9x transmitter is fantastic for UAVs, airplanes, quads, sailplanes and helis.…"
Jul 6, 2012