Turnigy/iMAX 9X now with custom firmware!

As an owner of the Turnigy 9X radio I've been secretly having day dreams of a firmware hack for it and now it has happened: http://sourceforge.net/projects/radioclone/

There's also some talk about it on RC Groups. It's not quite finished yet and so far it's in Polish but translating shouldn't be too hard given the source code in C++.

Now what this means is that we have almost limitless possibilities with the radio! Now you can easily add all the features on the 9X you can imagine (and the Atmega64 can handle). Here are some ideas that'd that pop into my mind:

You could:
  • Replace the PPM module with a tranceiver (like xbee) and have telemetry displayed on the TX display. I.e. like ArduStation but rather on your transmitter and with more functionalities! 
    • A simple UI for controlling the AP could be made. Tuning the PID loops, for one, might become so much easier when the PID coeffs were bound to some analog pots.
  • Add very complex mixes.
  • Add more functionalities to the UI and fix the problems that were in the original F/W.
  • Have some truly high end features (available previously only on some $$$ TXs) on the 60$ 9X.
  • Get rid of having to use the allocated switches for AUX channels: use any switches on the TX.
  • Have anything on the TX you could program.
Get my drift? The 9X suddenly became one of the best radios on the market, IMO.

I do realize that binding a project such as ArduStation with such hardware as the 9X is very unrealistic but still the mere idea of it is pretty exciting.

A sneak peak of the firmware (it's still in Polish):

An example of a more complex mix not previously available on the 9X:

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  • Guys, this looks really interesting. It is amazing to see the energy and creativity in this hobby. If you don't already know about this, here is a great forum for these types of activities. 9xforums.com. It's all about open source firmware for the 9x - 24x7x365. They have good info on RadioClone, er9x, Gruvin, Open9x and any other transmitter related project.

    I'll enjoy watching your progress.


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  • Developer
    it just happen to be that I have T9X on my desk. Now I know how to continue working with it. Great work and keep it going.

    It looks like I need to start reflashing it. What other modules you have been testing with it?
  • This is a very cool achievement, and opens the doors to so many opportunities, Kudos to all involved!
  • Hi, I have to correct and explains some of you write...

    1) You can't simply replace radio module. It needs many changes in Tx itself. Standard radio is driven only by one signal line - one direction communication. This kind of extension is not a part of RadioClone project.
    2) Fixing problems from original F/W was not my intention. I simply want to create brand new software.
    3) You have right. I want to add futures for this radio, that was available only on top radios, or not available anywhere at all.

    If you want more info, please read: https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/radioclone/index.php?title=Idea This info does not contain any info about state machine embedded in software yet, but describes mixer configuration.

    More videos with the software you can find on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/rafit77 (You can see there English menu too)

    BTW, there is more free software for this radio:
    - th9x by Thus (Thomas) & Josef http://code.google.com/p/th9x/
    - MSV19 http://forum.rcdesign.ru/f8/thread182549.html#post1840751
  • Not sure if this is related but I think you can use the HobbyKing 6 and 8 channel receivers with the Turnigy if you use the right module. I just finished a sketch the uses the satellite receivers for these directly with Arduino, completely bypassing the encode/decode of the servo signals. The satellites can capture bind GUIDs, can be bound easily, and output a serial stream of channel data in 8 16 bit words with a checksum on the end. My sketch is pretty crude but uses about 12% of the mcu to read the radio and control 4 servos at 50hz, there is no latency at all.


  • Thats soooo cool!

    maybe i must sell my JR3810 and get a turnigy?
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    Maybe Chris B can translate and tell us if its any good.
  • Admin
    that is gr8 news, the two messed up link given above are here


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    Oooooh and aaaaaaah and oooooooh again
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