Can someone tell me if
THIS and
THISwill work together and is this a good choice for failsafe and reliability on my first quadcopter.

Thank you,

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Im no expert, there will be many people on here with much more knowledge than me.


But I am a newbie and havent used failsafe or the telemetry side of it yet, but i use the same setup but my controller is a Eurgle 9x.... same thing.


Havent had any probs yet, Reflash it with the ER9X firmware.

Thanks for the reply .. I just wanted to make sure it would plug in and work.

no worries.


The only thing to check is that there are a few different versions of the 9x controller, Flysky, Eurgle, Turnigy etc. Some of them you have to do a mod as the transmitter is actually wired in


My Eurgle was just a plug and play, just check what the Flysky is before you order.



The one I'm purchasing above should look like this:

Yes I saw that but he was not using the THIS right ?

I haven't got my firmware flashed, but I can tell you the stock firmware is pitiful.  It was seriously written by non-english speaking retards.

I got the Turnigy 9X TX/RX from hobbyking for around $55.  I'm pretty happy with it overall.  That's what I'd start with.

It's easy enough to add another TX module in the future.  They've run the coax through the unit, so you have to cut the coax, remove one screw in the antenna and pull it out.  If you want to save the TX module you'll have to then resolder the coax to the module.  There are several youtube videos on this.

You just can't beat the price on this unit.  Even buying a new TX module and RX it's still probably the cheapest 9ch out there.

Or I could just use THIS ....

So you recommend the Turingy over the FrSky ?

Not sure how that gizmo works.  The details look pretty sketchy on implementation.

I just use the Turnigy 9X transmitter and the TX module and RX that comes with it.  I'd start there before dumping money on other modules.

The new 3DR radios (Si1000/HopeRF module based) work pretty well and are light years ahead of any of the 2.4g crap that's out there.  If/when I replace the stock TX module it will probably be with a Si1000 based radio chip.  I'd imagine there should be some of those out in a year or so.  It's a shame HopeRF didn't expose more pins from the Si1000 or I'd already be working on using one of their modules as a TX/RX.  They're only $10 each, and have more processing power than the APM2 so it really is a shame they wasted all that on a simple transparent serial connection.

Should be a good first choice John. There are several discussions about the Turnigy on this forum and other sites.  There are quit a few hacks out there for it too.   

I just use the Turnigy 9X transmitter and the TX module and RX that comes with it

We know the stock receiver will continue to send the last outputs to the APM when the radio is lost. This is the same thing that caused the new member in the other thread to have a complete loss of the entire heli. I' pretty sure you saw that thread and you STILL fly on that receiver?

The details look pretty sketchy on implementation

No, what's sketchy is flying with a receiver we know doesn't work with failsafe, but worse than that, has been known to cause flyaways and crashes.

I'm not trying to pick on you, or start something. I'm just saying I cannot believe what you just posted when I think you saw that exact combination caused a crash.


Yah as long as I use the FrSky Module with it:

Sad part is, due to the OP's original price range, the very radio I said not to buy is the same one I had to provide the link to (basically also making me look like a jerk). I was trying to put the disclaimer when I posted it that for that price, we knew it was not a good choice based on the failsafe problem. I tried to show I personally would not use that radio and I only fly genuine Spektrum for a reason.

In other words, if you say I want to fly, have 8 or more channels, for less than $150, then pretty much a 9X is about all there is. If somebody does know of a different radio with 8 channels and less than $150 price tag that does work properly with the APM from a failsafe perspective and is reliable, then by all means please link.


I haven't done the research to find out when somebody discovered the fatal flaw in the 9x failsafe, but the most recent postings of accidents, pretty much say it all. If you fly a 9x receiver and lost RF, pretty much consider that aircraft gone due to the fact the receiver just keeps sending the last servo outputs. If you upgrade and use a non-stock receiver, this may be fixed, but again, out of the box, it doesn't work.

Almost a funny joke: "How far is the RF range on a 9X ? The answer is all the way to the scene of the crash!"

Also, I just have to repeat, this has nothing to do with the APM as my understanding, I honestly believe, based on what I've read, any RC aircraft with a servo and this receiver would do the same thing, just fly off into the sunset because once RF is lost, it maintains output rather than no ouput. Just seems like a fatal flaw in my mind.

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