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bahloul commented on Koen Delvaux's blog post Prototype of "The Kodel": a minimalistic PIC microcontroller based autopilot
"Was it ok? why did you choose to wrok with a microcontroller?"
May 24, 2013
bahloul commented on Majid Khan's blog post Configuring Turnigy 9x with arducopter
Any one knows how to swith to auto mode when the airplane is in flight / or in simulation?"
Apr 5, 2013
bahloul posted a discussion in ArduPlane User Group
hi allCan any one tell me how can I enter any kind of data other than the specific commands (help, setup..) read it from the CLI in the mission plannerThanks
Mar 23, 2013
bahloul replied to John Kwasky's discussion Help With new (first) TX/RX purchase (budget)
"Finally are they working together?"
Mar 8, 2013
bahloul replied to Peter Braswell's discussion Inter-thermal speed-to-fly for gliders.
sorry for the late!
for you fierst question I think it's better to add a new flight mode, because you can need the other existing modes intact."
Mar 5, 2013
bahloul posted a discussion
helloI am new in the ardupilot world, I've downloaded arduplane 2.68, it compiles well, but I want to understand how it works?I started on it but it was very confusing..Any idea to help?
Mar 1, 2013