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Peter Braswell commented on Sam Tabor's blog post Ardusoar cross country X-Plane simulation
"I've been corresponding with both Sam and Kelly and I'm excited to see the enthusiasm.  My plans for autonomous soaring are a bit different.  I'm planning on an architecture that uses a Raspberry PI to do the soaring calculations and will simply…"
Apr 16, 2016
Peter Braswell posted a discussion
Hey guys.  This may be slightly off-topic but I thought I'd cast a wide net and see what I could come up with.I've been experimenting with autonomous soaring based on modified code running in on ArduPilot hardware.  I've had some limited success…
Jan 30, 2013
Peter Braswell posted a discussion
Hi all,I'm trying to develop some algorithms based on VS and of course I'm trying to debug them in HIL using XPlane.  When I call barameter.get_climb_rate(), I don't seem to be getting the value I'm expecting.Two questions: Is this the right…
Jan 19, 2013
Peter Braswell posted a discussion
Hi All,I solved a strange problem this weekend, but I'm not sure why it's a problem.  Here's what I'm seeing:Hardware is APM 2.5 running Arduplane 2.68.  When I have an airspeed sensor hooked up, enabled and have "use airspeed" checked I see really…
Jan 14, 2013
Peter Braswell posted a discussion
All,I've got an idea for a new flight mode specifically for gliders. Glider pilots use an algothorithm based on work done by a man named MacCready. Basically the idea is that there's an optimal speed to fly depending on the thermal activity the…
Dec 21, 2012
Peter Braswell commented on Jean-Louis Naudin's blog post Full autonomous Cross Country Soaring flights with the ThermoPilot v6.x
"Hi Jean-Louis!
I've been back to visit here quite often.  I am really, really impressed with your work.  Outstanding!

I have a few questions.  I hope you'll indulge me ...

Do you do any speed to fly calculations?  Specifically I was wondering if…"
Dec 13, 2012
Peter Braswell posted a discussion
I have a weird issue with my Mega.I configured my flight modes via the Mission Planner software.  While I'm on the flight mode configuration page and while the serial cable is plugged into the mega and I cycle through the various flight modes,…
Oct 11, 2011