Inter-thermal speed-to-fly for gliders.

All,I've got an idea for a new flight mode specifically for gliders. Glider pilots use an algothorithm based on work done by a man named MacCready. Basically the idea is that there's an optimal speed to fly depending on the thermal activity the aircraft is flying through and the L/D polar of the glider. The algorithm then will then slow the airplane down going through lift and conversely will speed it up when going through sink. It makes the cross country portion of the flight much more efficient and theorhetically you spend less time thermalling and more time making distance.Anyway, the algorithms are pretty well documented and I've been studying the source code, still I've got some questions.1. Is it best to add a new flight mode or would it be necessary to replace the code for an existing flight mode?2. Is you add a new flight mode will it automatically show up in the mission planner?I'm sure I'll have more questions as I progress but for now ...TIAPeter

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  • hi

    sorry for the late!

    for you fierst question I think it's better to add a new flight mode, because you can need the other existing modes intact.

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