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Im looking for a reliable and tested parameter file for my skywalker. I downloaded the one on here, however my plane is reacting all kinds of messed up and drastic changes inbetween stabilize and RTL. I went back to the Arduplane 2.65 firmware and its still acting strange, but not as bad.  When I do the ground test for stabilize, everything looks good. In the air on the other hand, she dives and banks left. This is compared to with the Skywalker Param file, she would try to go vertical when put into stabilize mode.  Any thoughts or if anyone is willing to share their tried and trued param file, I'd be greatly appreciative. Im new at all of this, so Im trying to keep the adjustments to a minimum until I know whats what and how to correct issues and so on.

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  • This is the one I am using and have gone back to.

  • HI Jamie. Have had the exact same thing. It seems like the program action buttons are not the same. Almost lost my plane twice.??

    I happened to have saved my old parameters and am using those.



  • Things are looking good. :) Had my first successful RTL today in some pretty windy conditions.  A little more tweaking and I'll be ready to FPV this bad boy. I put in my nova osd strictly for the video and current draw until I find a reliable OSD for the Ardupilot that I dont have to worry about burning out. Ive read too many posts about minim osd and people buying number three and four because no one can figure out how to successfully set it up. Anyways, Im pretty stoked that Ive got this plane this far considering Im a newbie :D

  • Im going to try and post this for the third time haha.. Ok, so today was GREAT! :) Perfect weather for flying. Not only did I get 1 1/2 hours of flight in on 6600mah, but I found my problem. After some thought and remembering that rudder is mixed with ailerons, I began to wonder about my "leveling" on startup. I use my CG Machine placed on the back of my tailgate typically for the pitch, but I got to looking at the roll axis. Sure enough after some careful guesstimation, I realized that the left wing was slightly down. My fix, a shim under the CG macine on the left wing side.  I got it to what I thought was fairly level and booted the APM. Upon flying and putting it into stabilize, it began to slightly yaw right. :) YES! Houston we have a solution! So, I brought it back down and re booted the APM with less shim this time and this was the MONEY Maker! No more yaw.  Aparently when the plane would "level", having the rudder mix and not in fact being true level, it would add just enough rudder to make it yaw and not roll because it wasnt off by too much. So the plan is now to get two small bubbles to place on each wing half to ensure it is in fact center. This is until I can get the Manual Level set without the USB plugged in (ie: when I get 3DR). So anyways, I leveled it with approximately 1 degree pitch angle up and this eliminated the pitch problem.  Preston, the only thing I can tell you is to input most of the settings in Ryans Param File. Obviously leave the radio calibration PIDs set to your radio. Then make adjustments from there. Also check your level. Usually you will have to hold the plane in its level position when you plug in the battery in atleast until the solid blue light comes on on your GPS. Keep us posted on how everything works out.  

  • Jamie,

    I flew today with a Sky Walker 1.6, ArduPlane 2.65 and the standard SkyWalker param file. I had the exact same problem. Bank left and descend. In manual mode everything is perfectly trim. I tried to level multiple times, but it didn't change much.

    I'm interested in hearing how your testing goes. I'll take a look at Ryan's param as well.


  • Hi,

    These attached parameters have worked great for me. Flying a 1900mm wingspan Skywalker but the slightly wider wings should not change much. Set up is using AMP 2.5 a 3 cell 5000 mah and a 4400 mah pack in parallel. AXI 2814/16 Xoar 10-7 3 blade, Ice lite 50 esc Hitec HS65 digital aileron servos Hitec HS 82 elevator servo GoPro camera mounted on front balance point right on carbon tube.

    Also check out this note about the barometric pressure sensor.

    I took a small piece of open cell foam and stuck over it and have not had any issues.

    skywalker 10-12-12.param

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