ER9X Setup for Quadcopter

Hi all,

New to the quadcopter flying scene.

Am looking at setting up my 9x with ER9X and am wondering what settings people use.

For example, Last night i worked out to drop the max throttle in er9x so that I have more throw with the stick to make finer adjustments to throttle to help with hover. Before i move it a millimeter, it goes up, move it down a millimeter, it goes down. There was no finer adjustment.

I've read up on throttle curves, exponential sticks etc. I'd like to know what people use & recommend and if there is anything specific for FPV flying. Slow stable flights look amazing on some of the videos ive seen. At the moment, I dont think im set up very well for that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  • Neo, This is definitely not what you want!. I'd start experimenting with your throttle curve. Finless Bob is the throttle curve guru over at He has multiple videos on the topic. They aren't quad specific, but the same concept applies.

    Also, take a look over at That's a great place to ask this question.


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