--UPDATE-- We've gotten a great response from the DIY Drones community, THANKS! Due to this, we've decided to do a special 1-week promotion... the TH9x is on sale for $69.95 from now through 7/20!!  Anyone who ordered a radio recently from our site will receive a rebate or credit on a future purchase. Thanks again! --


  I'm posting today to announce our new 9x DIY Upgrade Kit and reduced pricing on our TH9x radio, but first I want to share my epic love story with the 9x transmitter... the BEST radio for the DIY pilot. Well... it's not an epic story, but I do love my radio... (if not in the mood to read :) skip down to the bottom for links to the radio and upgrade kit.)

  When I first got into RC, I immediately was attracted to the 9x transmitter. First, it was the price. You can't beat it. Absolutely the best bang-for-the-buck. Next were all the switches and knobs. This thing didn't look like a toy, and I was quickly realizing I would need quite a bit of functionality for my RC dreams. Then I learned about er9x. Most of you know about er9x, and it's cousin Open9x, but this is what makes the 9x the absolute best transmitter for the DIY pilot! Er9x/Open9x is open-source firmware that you can install on the 9x, replacing the factory firmware. It's written by RC pilots just like us, except they have mad programming skills. I would argue that you can't get the functionality that er9x offers in another radio... at any price. (Well, honestly, some of those ridiculously priced Futaba and JR radios may be pretty sweet, but now I have no need to know.)

  The problem is that the radio was not designed to be upgraded by users. At the time, it required soldering six wires to tiny little pads on the mother board. This was not simple and there was a significant chance of ruining your radio. I also had to hunt down the parts and a USBasp programmer which ended up coming from 3 different stores. This took a month or so. Soon after, came the SmartieParts solderless programming board. This was (and still is) awesome. As long as you had a "version 2" motherboard, you could easily attach this board and it provided you an USB port to do all the firmware updating your nerdy self could manage. My brother was getting into the hobby, and I was like..."you HAVE to get a 9x." Hobbyking was backordered so he got one from HobbyPartz, as well as a SmartieParts board. Easy, right? No. The 9x he received was a "version 1" motherboard. It had the same functionality, but it wasn't compatible with the SmartieParts board. Bust out the soldering iron, we did. Did I screw up a microscopic resistor in the process? Yes.

  This gave my brother and I an idea. Pilots obviously like this radio because no one can keep them in stock. Based on our trials and tribulations, we knew that far too few people were upgrading the firmware to turn this good radio into an amazing radio. With these two facts in mind, we starting working on a way to make this easy, and keep it affordable. We started an online store called ParkeFlyer (it's a play on my name, Parke), and began offering what we called the Flyer9x. This was a 9x radio fully upgraded with a LED backlight, nice thumb sticks, neckstrap, and of course... er9x installed. It was (is) a great solution, but now we're happy to announce the next iteration of our 9x offering.

  Before I get into that, I want to acknowledge that this blog post is mostly an ad for my business. I feel good about posting this only because I really do feel that the 9x radio (with er9x) is the best radio for the DIY pilot. You don't have to buy from us, but regardless, we want to help this community get the most out of this radio.

ParkeFlyer is now selling a 9x DIY Upgrade Kit. This kit includes:

-- The new SmartieParts v2.2 solderless programmerwith LED backlight support. The programmer enables you to plug your transmitter into a PC or Mac computer through a standard mini-USB cable. Once connected it is easy to upgrade your firmware to er9x or Open9x. Additionally you can download model templates and backup your configurations.

-- LED Backlight Kit(white) - Everything you need to add a bright (but efficient) backlight to your 9x LCD panel. This unit is fully compatible with the SmartieParts programmer and the backlight software controls found in er9x and Open9x. Plug-and-play, no modifications are needed.

-- Thumb sticks- CNC milled aluminum and fully adjustable - adds style and feel to your 9x

-- Switch coversto color code. We find this helpful to differentiate the switches while concentrating on flying.

Neck strap- Always comes in handy, even if it's just having a spare in your flight kit

The 9x DIY Upgrade Kit is for sale at ParkeFlyer.com for $49.95. This kit is everything you need to easily and safely upgrade a 9x. We're working on a video that details the entire process. This video will be released soon.

If you need a 9x, we are happy to say that we have TH9x radios in stock. And the best part is that the price recently dropped to $89.95 for a limited time --UPDATE: Sale $69.95--. This is the best version of the 9x we have found. It is guaranteed to be upgradable with our kit and it also comes with a removable transmitter module, making it super easy to upgrade to FrSKY transmitter modules and receivers (which we also sell).

Along with the radio, we have a 9x Battery Kit that comes with a rechargeable LiFe battery, custom adapter cable for plugging it into the 9x, and a custom charging cable as well. Super easy and no "bricking" your radio by accidentally plugging in your modded battery the wrong way.

That's it for the sales pitch. Come check out our site. We've got several other items not mentioned here, and please let us know if you have any questions about anything 9x related. We certainly don't know everything, but we're happy to help where we can. We're relatively new to the DIY Drones community, but I've already learned so much from this. We'll do our best to give back. My first APM2 is on order so I'll soon be getting very familiar tying ArduPilot and the 9x together.


-- Parke


FS-TH9x Transmitter
9x DIY Upgrade Kit
9x Battery Kit

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   ---- Fly Now ----
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  • Just checked, Yall are ok now for websense.  Come friday I am going to have to get that battery alas funds have been spent on other components.  

  • 100KM

    @Marooned: That's an excellent price, they don't seem to stock it any more. You make it sound so simple ;) I got put off by the contradicting sources I found online on the process.

  • @Hein: of course for $40 I got radio and receiver. As for the amount of work for flashing.. to be honest, unscrewing 6 screws took me longer than soldering 6 wires with kanda connector. Then flashing is like 30 seconds.
    The longest part is to secure backlight in right position.
  • Wow! We've been told we look "sexy" in our space suits, but I never thought it would come to this! Thanks for the heads up. We've alerted them and asked them to classify us correctly.

  • Parke,  You may want to contact websence they have you blocked for sex.

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    http://parkeflyer.com/transmitters/fs-th9x.html?utm_source=diydrone... forum&utm_campaign=diykit

  • 100KM

    @Marooned - I think you paid $40 without receiver? I'm afraid you're understating the amount of work flashing the radio. One needs special equipment and some skill and time, all the while risking your radio. I'm sure ParkeFlyer also checks the radios before they go out, I've heard of some duds coming from Hobbyking.

  • $70! Huh. Looks I was lucky to buy 9x for $40 in March at LeaderHobby. Just added white backlight, flashed with Er9x and enjoying fine radio. Next hack will be some extension to attach strap as current location is far from center of gravity thus making 9x to rotating vertical.
  • Moderator

    That's a good deal... competitive with hobby king!

  • Thanks Trent! I appreciate you guys flying with a radio from us.

    Jeff - Yes, it should, but honestly I haven't tried it. If you update to er9x or Open9x you'll get better control over your mixes than the factory firmware his example is showing. I have an APM2 on order and will be sinking my teeth into this soon.

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