Firmware is fine, but then Mavlink won't connect.

Hello All,

This is a brand new pixhawk, just received yesterday.

I flashed my copter firmware without difficulty and immediately afterward, mavlink won't connect.   I was pulling my hair out and then remembered (from reading here ALOT) to look at the log.  The boot log just says that the magnetometer could not calibrate.  I have a ublox  (just received today, with an inspection sticker of 2/3/14).  It is connected to the gps for the gps part, (no problems there) and connected to the I2C for the mag part.   It sounds off the everything is ok sound with the two beep everything is NOT ok sound.  When I look at the log it states it could not do the magnetometer calibration. 

I have attached the log..

Mark Miner

By the way if I disconnect the I2C cable, it will boot just fine, no bad news beeps and mavilink will connect no problems.  I cannot do a separate compass calibration with the I2c connected because mavlink will not connect.

The log file is attached, but all that is says is this....

hmc5883 calibrate failed

Thank you in advance for your help and I hope I did all the right things in this question.   (log, proper description etc....)  

FWIW, I think this pixhawk rules compared to the NAZA and I cannot wait to get it properly configured.


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  • Ok,  I was using the five pin cable that came with the ublox.  I needed the six wire cable.  the connector is the same in both cases, just the number of wires is different.


    • i have the same problem...brand new board , just installed frimware and then cant connect ...and without I2C cable connected the n i can.... how can you fix it ? i am not sure what you mean...cause the GPS end (MAG) and board end (I2C) both  is 4 pin.....why i need a six wire cable? would you please advise. thx

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