First Flights - Unstable Hovering - Any help? (Video inc)

Hi everyone, 

Firstly -

That's the video of today, I apologise for the horrible quality, youtube was throwing up errors when I went to upload the higher quality version, at least this will give you an idea of what the quad was doing though. 

Basically as I was taking off the quad had a tendency to float back and left / right rather than maintaining is position. I was trying to actively correct it through controls however either through me being a very inexperienced controller or by the quad being a little to unstable I wasn't able to maintain an effective hover. 

Throttle wise I do have plenty of power, so although most flights here only go about a meter off the ground I can go higher, but I didn't wish to do so as hard landings are only going to break it and I need to sort out the control issues while I can throttle down easily. 

In terms of trouble shooting I've levelled the quad multiple times on a flat surface, but it doesn't seem to help much / at all. 

Is this level of 'instability' / floating (whatever you wish to call it) typical and you're simply meant to overcome it through control inputs, or should it be able to maintain a more vertical hover than this unassisted? 

P.s. I have a magnetometer enabled if that makes a difference. 


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  • Try calibrating your ESC's

  • Is it just me or does it sound like he is having sync issues with his motors / esc's?

    1. Please put your dog in the house, first.
    2. You need a larger area, especially if this is your first RC experience or quad experience.
    3. Looks rather stable but you were overly cautious in taking off. (This isn't a bad, thing - take your time).
    4. At one point you changed your trim for yaw, which when you took off caused your quad to yaw (rotate through center z). Why did you change the trim?

    Honestly, didn't look half bad - could be the operator or the hw - kind of hard to tell :)

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Aug 25