First Person View Flying Instruction Manual

First Person View Flying Instructions

I'm looking for some practical ideas from those with FPV experience in "How To fly FPV".

Maybe you have learned the hard way and wish someone would have told you a few key things which would have helped you tremendously.  That is what I am looking for.

Can any of you help?

Since I have never flown FPV, I am not even really sure what this would look like.  But let me try !

1) If possible, learn to fly a copter FPV on a flight simulator 

2) Your copter must be tuned well enough to be able to take off smoothly using only the throttle 

3) The copter must be able to hover with no hands on the sticks.

4) Test your video system on the ground by having one carry your copter as far away as you intend to fly.

5) While testing distance, be sure to run your motor(s) to see if they cause interference with your video system

6) Find the largest field possible and make sure no-one is near

7) Practice making small flights right in front of you with a monitor so you can instantly until you are comfortable. 



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  • hi, 8 and 9 should be dont fly near trees and dont fly near water

This reply was deleted.


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