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wraith replied to Thomas Rutter's discussion Arducopter or Russian Roulette?
"omg , im definetly selling my crappy apm now, cant fly it in the rain , cant fly in the wind and now cant fly in the day light, so now my only time i can fly my quad is at night, what a shitter"
Jan 23, 2014
wraith commented on Joshua Johnson's blog post FAA endorses AMA rules to govern personal use of sUAS for Precision Ag
"so if i had a property that was large enough and i was not a farmer and my property wasn't a farm would i be not allowed to fly over my own property, thats dumb, btw red necks shouldnt be allowed any where near multis or guns or oxygen"
Nov 28, 2013
wraith commented on Tissy's blog post Anti-vibration APM mount
"i tryed those pads a while a go, wouldn't use them again, too expensive, hard to use and they don't do much in the way of remove vibs"
Apr 28, 2013
wraith replied to Ben Boughton's discussion Which RC Car should I get? in ArduRover User Group
"traxxas is all good if like repairing ur car all the time, they are not the strongest rc cars"
Mar 20, 2013
wraith left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"hi thomas, cheers for that info on compiling, its the first time i havent had any errors"
Feb 26, 2013
wraith commented on lilvinz's blog post quanton flight control
"sounds like sower grapes, why did u guys get banned"
Feb 3, 2013
wraith left a comment on ArduRover User Group
"hi guys, just wondering when this code is going to be put in the mission planner?

cheers glen"
Jan 20, 2013
wraith commented on Chris Anderson's blog post iPhone transforms into a drone ;-)
"i hope it doesnt uses there maps"
Nov 7, 2012
wraith replied to Carl Campbell's discussion Traxxas selling the Hubsan x4 as the QR-1
"i like how they call it rtr, dont they mean rtf"
Nov 7, 2012
wraith commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Watch out for the ....
"i wasnt accusing him of being a noob, he just looked that way cause of where he was flying and the fact he was checking the chopper when the motors where spinning, running his business for a year doesn't mean shit to me, i know a lot of people who…"
Oct 27, 2012
wraith commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Watch out for the ....
"hi, it probably a nub with 2 much cash,  i know a few people who buy multirotors cause they are"cool", first thing they do u give it full throttle , then freak out when they releize they haven't got a clue what to do, the mental thing is they do it…"
Oct 27, 2012
wraith replied to Drone Savant's discussion Kevin Finisterre, DIYDroneSafety and Drone Savant persona
"probably smoking a bad batch"
Oct 23, 2012
wraith commented on Michael's blog post New X10 "The Viper"
"should be yellow and renamed big bird, love it"
Oct 18, 2012
wraith replied to Matthew Barnard's discussion acceleration in ArduRover User Group
"hi, wondering why u would need gyros if ur revo is to fast"
Oct 17, 2012
wraith commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ROS interface for PX4Flow board
"hi will this flowboard work with the apm"
Oct 16, 2012
wraith replied to Jam's discussion Is there a good 5 channel radio?
"hi i would stay away from the 9x, would u put cheap tyres on ur car , they are a bit hit and miss"
Oct 16, 2012