hi, wasnt sure wher to put this , my question is when ur fpv'ing u need a spotter to be safe, what is the role of the spotter, i know that he makes sure ur not flying in to danger,  is there any other reason to have 1?

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When you get into trouble you may loose video. You'll never find it in the sky when you remove your goggles.

Also the FAA requires line of sight flying.


You mean the AMA.

No, The AMA has no jurisdiction over a non-member.
It's the FAA you have to worry about!

The Line Of Sight thing comes from the AMA. 

AMA rules mean nothing to me, not being a member.

Trying walking around your home with side blinders on. You're constantly turning your head to "path plan".

FPV cameras only have a usable 60deg view. For multicopters which are omnidirectional--that can be a problem.

no idea who the ama , in nz we are a bit more relaxed on rules, our version of the faa in nz are idiots so no need to fear them

Roll of spotter:

  1. AMA rules (Yes but there are reasons for the rules)
  2. FPV is disorienting if you need to switch out of FPV in a pinch.   A good spotter should be able to reorient you quickly or give quick commands in an emergency.
  3. Helps you stay Line-Of-Sight
  4. This helps save your expensive equipment
  5. This also helps saves property or people damage
  6. My favorite reason is that people tend to leave you and your stuff alone if you have someone with you.

This being said, I don't always use spotters, but I usually have someone with me to help read way-points or just watch my back when flying.

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