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  • Remind me to fly it indoors or I'd probably lose a $600 device. 

  • Chris, and to think that you and came this close to shipping this product way back in 2010...  :=)


  • The obvious application is the delivery of a messages/pictures without using the phone network!

    In rural areas where raptors abound, there might be some some messages lost due to predation.

    It would also be a good idea to label the 'iDroPhone' with the owner's name and address.

    Now there's a startup! Prepaid postage labels for flying phones that are found in public!



    [great video!]

  • Miss the days when animation was enough.

  • That was hilarious...I bet we're not that far away from it being a reality.

  • Cool, I downloaded and installed the OCTiPAD version into my IPAD,

    that explains why the new one is a little thicker, amazing how they

    get eight motors in there.  The props are marked FC, I guess you can

    order replacement prop pairs directly from FoxConn?

  • i hope it doesnt uses there maps

  • T3

    Hmm fly away issues....and the ESC overheated..needs and airbag

  • Distributor

    I am starting to import these to sell!     


  • This is obviously fake. 

    If it was real, the iPhone screen would have broken in the fall. ;)

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