hi guys, got dsx9 with a ar9000 rx, having troble getting the 3 pos switch to work, therottle and steering work and the 2 pos s/w wporks, as soon as i touch the 3pos s/w the gcs hangs , then it tells me that it wont save any the radio set up, but if i dont user the s/w it saves , is there a way of doing this manually

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Are you using the MP to calibrate the radio? Try using the CLI in setup to cal the radio: http://www.diydrones.com/forum/topics/configuring-the-ardurover-wit...

Just a thought.



cheers for the reply, yeah im using the mp, i managed to get it calibrated but i had to use another hand set, but that isnt the best unit turnigy 9x cause the the 3 pos isnt there so a dial is used which just doesnt work good at all, ill try the cli mode tonight

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