New X10 "The Viper"


I know almost nothing about this other than what's listed on the website.  It looks a lot like Chris's Manta and a direct competitor with the X8.

From the website:

2.75m Flying Wing.

Breaks down to 3 pieces of 900mm (Max)

Payload 2-2.5kg


2 x 16g+ Metal geared servos

3542 800kv Motor or equivalent (able to turn a 12x6 to 14x8 prop, payload dependent)

80A+ ESC (gives a safe margin)

4s cells (motor dependent)

(all appropriate glues & adhesives required)

Its worth noteing that we are now working on a dedicated retractable camera gimbal for this and all our up and coming aircraft.

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  • Hello,

    Just received X-10.

    Build log ->

  • Think it is funny they call it "Viper" and it has a picture of a King Cobra on the winglet

  • I notice that Stefan Gofferje offers a fine range of >2m span flying wings complete with 500A ESC and 45kW outrunner motor, all for the low, low price of just $49.95...


  • Check their website/forum. It's a vinyl-covered foamie. But a full kit, so you even have to put the vinyl on yourself.

  • It really depends on what material it is made out of. The X8 is made out of EPO foam where this could be a composite of some kind making the price higher than the X8. If you could supply more details about build materials this would be great :)

  • 225 GBP = 277 EUR = 365 USD - for a naked plane??? Ridiculous!

    The X8 was already overpriced. This thing costs more than double (X8 now 165 USD at Hobby King)!

    Might be good looking but that price is simply not justified. Hence, I don't think, it's really a competitor to the X8.

  • jajajajaja i fly more than 60 minutes with 12amp bat on my X8 flywing.

  • should be yellow and renamed big bird, love it

  • Moderator
    This plane was designed and produced by DIYDrone's very own Dr.Mike Black, who has been busy with several projects.
  • 35min i the air seems a little low

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