Christchurch, Dorset

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I am a teenager trying to gather as much information as possibly. I do bits of Web and Software development in spare time and normally find something to take apart on a daily occurrence.

Please tell us a bit about your UAV interest

I am drawn UAV's as they are the next step in aerial surveillance and in theory combat. My dream plane would be a X8 flying wing with a APM2.5 onboard along with 3DR 2 way telemetry and some sort of 1.3ghz FPV/OSD system. My only limitation is money!


Reading, England

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Harrison Cassidy posted a discussion
Hey guys,I wondered if anyone could tell me what the maximum number of refreshes you can do per second when you have a telemetry system attached. I know this differs depending on packet loss and signal strength but what is the maximum rate you can…
Jul 30, 2013
Harrison Cassidy replied to Rahul Iyer's discussion Sensing people
"Hey Rahul,

Firstly, from what I can tell you want to be able to distiguish people from everything around them from a bird flying at 25 - 50 feet. If I am correct this would be near impossible because open source software just isn't there yet to…"
Jul 29, 2013
Harrison Cassidy posted a discussion
Hello,I have been doing research over the last week or so into how you could build a UAV that could replicate what can be done by MQ-1s (Reapers) and other high-cost military vehicles. One thing that seems to be concurrent across most medium ~ large…
Jul 28, 2013
Harrison Cassidy left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"Definitely Rick,
The product I linked hasn't been out for very long from what I have heard and also documentation is scarce (as to be expected). 
Hopefully soon we might have some kind of easy, open-source solution. Perhaps an add-on for AP 3?"
Feb 3, 2013
Harrison Cassidy left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"Yeah, thats what I am thinking Rick.
The only problem with this is that it is all well and good having the ability to fly from anywhere in the world while you plane is anywhere else but because of restrictions on UAV flight and how far away you can…"
Feb 3, 2013
Harrison Cassidy left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"I would really like to see someone getting this working as it looks like it could be a easy addition as a arduino shield. http://www.cooking-hacks.com/index.php/3g-gprs-shield-for-arduino-3..."
Feb 3, 2013
Harrison Cassidy posted a discussion
Right. Im not sure if what I am going to (try) explain will make sense to you but I am going to try and put it as how I would like it to work.So in the past few days a thread was posted in the Cellular Telemetry group of the forum…
Feb 1, 2013
Harrison Cassidy commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Erk. My home town, Berkeley, wants to establish a "no drone zone"
"I find this funny in so many ways! As Josh said, what if you were to fly from outside the city limits but use a PTZ camera with 20x zoom? I understand away from heavily (emphasis on heavily) populated areas due to crashes but do some people not…"
Dec 11, 2012
Harrison Cassidy replied to GRgHitec's discussion The Ultimate Dedicated live FPV service system !
"Do you have anymore information about this? Like a URL?"
Nov 4, 2012
Harrison Cassidy commented on Kevin Vertucio's blog post Some FPV from the summer. Testing out OP CC3D on a QAV500.
"I see what you mean Ruwan. Very lucky that isn't one Kentucky Fried Drone"
Oct 20, 2012
Harrison Cassidy commented on Michael's blog post New X10 "The Viper"
"It really depends on what material it is made out of. The X8 is made out of EPO foam where this could be a composite of some kind making the price higher than the X8. If you could supply more details about build materials this would be great :)"
Oct 19, 2012
Harrison Cassidy commented on Michael's blog post New X10 "The Viper"
"Would like to take a look at a camera gimbal version. This is what I wanted like the MQ-9 Reaper model from HobbyKing but in the X8 frame. Some thing able to support from a HoryzonHD to Foxtech 10x Zoom would be ideal."
Oct 18, 2012
Harrison Cassidy commented on Robert Krogh (hooks)'s blog post Special! PROJET MQ-9 Reaper 98
"I wondered if anyone could give me the radius of the dome. I would like to think about fabricating my own and whether I could fit the Foxtech 10x Zoom Camera inside a dome of that radius?"
Oct 13, 2012
Harrison Cassidy commented on John Condon's blog post New Kickstarter - A Tilt-Controlled, Palm-sized Quad with IR gaming
"I have backed, should make a nice toy"
Oct 11, 2012
Harrison Cassidy posted a discussion
I wondered if anyone has come across a camera which is able to Pan, Tilt and (crucially) Zoom which can be controlled via RC reciever or Arduino (via APM) and work as a FPV camera. I am looking to put together plans for the MQ-9 Reaper from Hobby…
Oct 7, 2012
Harrison Cassidy posted a discussion
Hey Guys,I have got all my gear together for my X8 UAV but have run into a wall. Whilst searching the web about the new 1200mw Video Tx/Rx 5.8Ghz I have read that the UK limit output power on the Tx? Is this true?Also I was wondering if the Turnigy…
Oct 6, 2012