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  • I wondered if anyone could give me the radius of the dome. I would like to think about fabricating my own and whether I could fit the Foxtech 10x Zoom Camera inside a dome of that radius?

  • This is his far I've gotten with mine. Im yet to do a test flight but I think I need a pro pilot first. The landing gear is smack in the middle of the CG, this makes the plane unsure if it wants to rest on the nose wheel or on the tail skid.
  • Recently I purchased the MQ-9 Reaper version #002 from for $139.00.  It came with a complete set of very well illustrated instruction's, and all of the internal mounting nuts were glued into place.  The flap hindges were all ready mounted and glued into place.  It has a beautiful high gloss gray finish, and the camera turret on the nose section has alot more room for a pan/tilt servo control mount than I had anticipated.  Now to find a motor and 3 bladed prop for it!  Good luck on all of your purchases, no it's back to the bench. ;-)

  • I just received notice from Nitro that my MQ-9 is being labled for 8/18 ship.
    And, that is good news!
  • Hey everybody. Good news...for me. But bad for you. Shortly an hour after putting my MQ-9 up for sale it was bought. Good luck to all.
  • Hey everybody. Bad news...for me. But good news for perhaps one of you. I am selling my MQ-9 that is almost completed. You can find the ad on RCUniverse: . NitroPlanes does have more of these in stock, but I'm willing to ship worldwide.
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    Sounding board for the orders and back logs should probably be at their web site but thanks for keep us all informed.
  • I have had this kit on order for several weeks now. The backorder date has moved out to August 30, 2010.
    Does anyone here think that MQ9 is on perpetual backorder?
    And I don't care if I ever fly it I just ant it!
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    Ya, why do people keep asking for shopping info here?
  • Write to them and ask...
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