My First Project - Global Hawk EDF FPV APM

Hey Guys,

I wanted to share my idea for my first project for a RC Plane. I have flown RC planes before but never decided to put together my own. Below is what I plan to buy to put into the plane:

Hobby Kind Global Hawk EDF Plane

FlySky 2.4Ghz Tx & Rx

HoryzonHD FPV Camera

5.8Ghz 1200mw Video Tx&Rx


I wondered what people thought about this and whether the plane would be able to fit the Rc Rx, FPV Camera and Video Tx. I was going to use the X8 platform but due to a lack of the white version I chose to go for the Global Hawk instead! 

Any thoughts would be appreciated,

Harrison C.

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  • If you look at my first post and then read Stefan Gofferje's post above you made a wise choice not going for the Global Hawk.

  • I have been away for a month so well done on the radio certification. Just wondering how you are getting on with the Global Hawk?

  • 5.8ghz would not be my first choice for video on a fixed wing. Even with 1.2w you will not get the range you can achieve with say a 400mw 1.3ghz system. Also, your 1.2w transmitter is going to give off some heat, just something to think about.

  • I just made basically the same decision. I was pretty much wanting the X8 but

    • I got discouraged a bit in rcgroups' X8-thread, based on the fact that I have no R/C-experience
    • this Global Hawk costs $99 PNF + $50 shipping, while the X8 costs $199 + $70-ish shipping and still needs another $100-ish for motor, ESC, servos, etc.

    So the Global Hawk would make a cheaper crash :). I didn't take a Bixler(2) or something like that, because I still wanted a big plane.

  • You will regret buying the Global Hawk - the X8 is the better option by far

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