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  • I get ~9-10min safely. The Tigers have a prop adapter that is 5mm. Just need to get a 8-5mm adapter.

    You should be ok with 3S. Might be a little on the heavy side, depending on your payload.

  • @Kevin, nice.. what is your flight time?..  sounds exactly what I am building..  but on a TBS Discovery frame.. I have the 2216 motors in the mail, going to flash my Blue Series with SimonK and at some point get the Graupner.. how do you get those are on the 3mm shaft of the MT-2216 motors?   Since everything I am using runs on 12v I probably won't do 4S.. been using a 3S 4400 on my F450 frame with 850KV motors from DIYDrones.

  • @Mark, my quad is about 1.6kg AUW. I run Tiger MT 2216-900kv + Graupner 10x5 on SimonK 30A ESC powered by 4S 3300mah Turnigy Nanotech. I use EzUHF for RC Control. 

  • what are your specs?   running DragonLink or some other UHF transmitter/receiver?  prop size?  motor size? battery?   Looks pretty awesome.. if only the OpenPilot boards were easier to get a hold of... seems like a nice community of support working on it.

  • Ouch, that one at 1:44 is for sure a lucky one.

  • I see what you mean Ruwan. Very lucky that isn't one Kentucky Fried Drone

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    Interesting at 1:44

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