First tests and auto take off

Hey guys,

This is probably not the best section to post my question but you have always gave so many good advices...

So, depending on the weather, I should do my first flight test tomorrow.

I'm quite confident with the process and I already setup everything (flight mode, failsafe).

The only point I don't understand is how the auto take off works ? Do I need to do something specific ? Do I need to incline the plane at a specific degree ?

Moreover, if you have any good advices that could help me for this first flight I've my ears are wide open :)



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    If is an airplane, the best advice is to have someone else trim it out for you and help you learn. If it's a Quadcopter just crash and rebuild and learn as you go. Lol.
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    Do not try an auto take off for your first flight, it will not end well!! Take off and get at least three mistakes high before switching to a stabilze mode and see what happens. Be ready to switch back fast to manual flying. 

    The autopilot cannot know how your aeroplane flies. You must fly and then adjust the PIDS.

    Please also tell us what it is you are trying to fly, then somebody might have one and be able to chip in further.

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