First Time Building A Multi-Rotor. Need Help Please

Hello,  I was sent a multi-rotor kit.  I have been flying for a couple of years and do a lot of repairs and modifications, but never a complete build.  Here is what I have and will express what I would like to accomplish.  Any help would be Very much appreciated.

I have two kits.  One is an Xbird 450  and a Xbird 250

Here is what I have for the 450.    Motors, ESC's  a Arducopter controller,   D4R-II receiver,   GPS with compass and all mounting gear.

I would like to have telemetry sent to my FrSky radio the same way my IRIS+ works if possible.   I am not sure what else I need to make this work so any help would be great.  I know I need something to attach to the D4R-II telemetry receiver, but not sure what.   

As for the Xbird 250 this comes with the CC3D controller and I was hoping to also use a D4R-II receiver.  I was not sure if I should put a GPS on this or if it would be a waste.  But if I did what would I need. 

Sorry for all the questions, but I want to get started and don't want to do the wrong thing or buy the wrong parts.


Grandpa Jake

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  • I am not sure,  I will open it back up tomorrow and take a photo

  • Is there something attached to the D4R-II receiver in the Iris?. I'm curious as to how they did telemetry. There are mods that can be done to the transmitter to receive telemetry but I'm not sure how they did it.

    Is there something like this in the Iris?.

    Also, can you post links to the kits that you bought?
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