I got my APM last night, and I'm very impressed with this hardware as a whole. I did notice that there was a problem with the way the case looked. The case came cracked and the gap around the side of the case was all wrong. The purpose of this thread isn't to knock 3DR, but honestly I did expect a bit better quality than the one I received. There I said it :) Anyway its fixed now, it took 10 mins so I'm posting it here in case somebody wants to try it and needs info.

Below shows how the case came:


The reason it sits like that is because the design of the case doesnt allow for th height of the grommets holding the PCB:


Take a dremel and grind away 1-2mm of material as shown, then use a heatgun (or a hairdryer like I did) to fix the warping of the case:


Its not perfect, but loads better than before:


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  • Just got my case (but I have the rctimer board).  Mine fits even worse but maybe it's rctimer's fault.  My side pins do not extend anywhere nearly to the side hole in the case and I guess I need to trim the pins after soldering because they hit the bottom of the case causing a big gap around the edges/seam.  I didn't try test fitting with grommets yet - wasn't sure where they belonged (which is why I'm on the computer...).

    Maybe I put the side headers on backwards, back to the basement...

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