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Fly original Easy Star with Fuji F20/F30/F31 camera, not FPV.

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Fly original Easy Star with Fuji F20/F30/F31 camera, not FPV.


Batavia, NY

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Eric S. replied to Denis Belnap's discussion Arming the APM 2.5
"Mine wouldn't arm.  When I did the Tx/RC calibration I noticed the two sticks were coupled...must have had a mix enabled for a different airplane.  Switched to a different model, recalibrated the RC/Tx and it's arming now."
Jul 31, 2016
Eric S. replied to u4eake's discussion APM 2.5 with NEO-6M ublox gps (not 3DR LEA-6)
"Struggling to follow you guys but I think you're saying the config file only sends the absolutely needed data (I knew that but am curious if that's what you're saying). 

I haven't messed with mine in eons - need to finish configuring the darn…"
Mar 8, 2014
Eric S. commented on Andreas's blog post Neo 6 Gps Mount (Crius PCB) - 3D printable .stl file
"Interesting idea placing the GPS on the arm.  There is no room on the flamewheel 450 so I have been considering placing some items on the arms.  I'm tempted to place the radio/Rx on the opposite arm from the GPS.
A 4000 3S lipo takes up a ton of…"
Jul 29, 2013
Eric S. replied to Jolyon Saunders's discussion Fixing the gap with the APM 2.5+ side entry case
"Just got my case (but I have the rctimer board).  Mine fits even worse but maybe it's rctimer's fault.  My side pins do not extend anywhere nearly to the side hole in the case and I guess I need to trim the pins after soldering because they hit the…"
Jul 12, 2013
Eric S. commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Tutorial: Programming your uBlox GPS module
"Note that the FTDI to GPS connector has the wrong/older/larger GPS connector on it.  So even though I bought that cable, I will need to make my own - luckily the GPS comes with a cable that is not needed, but has the correct GPS connector."
Jul 1, 2013
Eric S. replied to redge regis's discussion FTDI cable: 3.3v or 5v
"Note that VCC is 5V, only the signal wires are 3.3V according to 3DR and the cable manufacturer's spec sheet. 
3DR's page states: "Note: The TX/RX signals are 3.3volts, making it even more flexible, the power supply is 5volts (red wire)."
Why do…"
May 24, 2013
Eric S. commented on Jim Stricker's blog post Foam ear plugs for vibration damping
"2.5 mm silicone washers (8 for $1) - perhaps for the motors?  And/or the flight controller and/or camera...
Apr 28, 2013