• Thank you very much! How silly of me! I did the same thing Marco did.

  • Hey guys iam trying to update my ublox neo 6m but when I copy the update text from getithub and paste it into the gps configuration page in the tools tab the file to gps button is grayed out so I can't do the update.
    Any help would be great ive spent hrs all ready trying to make it work.
  • Hi
    What type of conector use this GPS neo-6m?
  • Thanks, you just helped me fix my homebuilt cable.  :-)

  • I have this type of ublox with compass module.

    I tried lots of thing but i could not change any configuration with u-center software. Also config file gives error.

    Is it essential to change parameters (baudrate, refresh rate etc) for autonomous flight?

    any idea to change parameters? 


    • Check Attachment..


    • hi, did u sort it out? i'm in the same boat.... cannot write 3dr config file to the module.

      • We can't write because this board does't have eeprom. Maybe this is not crucial because apm configs ublox on every boot. If you still want to write settings, there are documents that describes adding eeprom on it. 

        But i am thinking to upgrade lea 6h because of glonass support. 

        • @ibrahim:

          But i am thinking to upgrade lea 6h because of glonass support. 

          Its the LEA-6N, which supports GLONASS, probably hard to get or not available as ready to go BOB with GLONASS/GPS antenna.The chinese cheapo supplyers are usually selling the H type for GPS only. Obsolete.

          Meanwhile, you can buy ready modules with Max-M8Q or even with NEO M8N and compass at CSG shop. Great for simultanious GLONASS and GPS reception, as Peter reported at drones-discuss.

          Seller has a blog here.

          • Thanks for clarification. LEA-6H supports Galileo but i suppose it is not completely functional now. Waiting NEO M8N for becaming lower prices :)

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