Neo 6 Gps Mount (Crius PCB) - 3D printable .stl file

Hello everybody!


Like a lot of people here i am building my first quad. To be straight forward it is of the Rctimer Shop.

Learning a lot from all of you guys it is now time for me to give something back, although my Copter isn't flying yet :D

I designed a mount for the Neo 6 Gps Receiver or better say the Crius PCB.

Nothing special, nothing fancy! 2x small Screws and Done.

Preview and Download the .stl File HERE

Make sure you download the FIXED ! Version not the Original!

Any Comments are welcome!

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  • Interesting idea placing the GPS on the arm.  There is no room on the flamewheel 450 so I have been considering placing some items on the arms.  I'm tempted to place the radio/Rx on the opposite arm from the GPS.

    A 4000 3S lipo takes up a ton of space.  Too bad the landing legs are so darn short or I'd place the lipo under the frame.  I might make the legs 2 or 3 inches longer with very thin/light plywood or basswood.  Or could make another "layer" under the bottom of the frame (instead of building upwards like most people do, which makes it top heavy) and land on that bottom layer (probably would also rest on two of the arms unless the ground was flat)..

  • Very Cool!

  • My Gps reception is excellent too! Again...not the MTK it is the uBlox! might be the better alternative anyway!

    The Gps mount is no Solid in total. Only the lower and upper 2 layers are Solid filled. The other layers are at 25% infill.

    Adding up for a total of 4 Gramms! A Teabag is like 3. Sure one gramm and another and so on....does add up! But i am not concerned about 4 Gramms. ( Only the GPS Mount - APM Mounting Plate beeing printed at the same time!)


  • I have same setup, great GPS reception putting the GPS there: uBlox not MTK, I don't see why you need the GPS mount, just 2 zip ties, one through the holes and one on the pcb, every gram counts.....


  • Not a problem... its a blog/discussion, we all have an opinion... what we take away from them and learn is up to each individual.

    all the best!

  • Sorry for my harsh words but i really had to struggle a lot with good gps reception and put several hours on that. So seeing someone doing the same mistakes i did, makes me ..... Your setup may work, but the receive strength (dB) of the gps will be way beyond its capabilities and you will loose gps fix in flight easier than neccessary. In the mtk flash thread i have some links and info gathered that could be also interesting for you:

    Keep it coming

    Kraut Rob

  • Thanks for the input... will take into consideration. In fact, I have my APM sitting on a Copper Floating Plate and I just have some PCB sitting around to try out your theory.  There are many screws in the frame, kinda hard to have the GPS sitting beside none, along with all the other noise from other electronics.  I will seriously test your suggestion.

    Stay tuned...

  • No alu/copper groundplate for shielding and an off center montage? Perhaps adding a GPS jammer right next to it would complete the design. BTW a plastic plate with 2 screws to fix a gps? Do a proper mounting on the center with a grounded copper/alu shield (7cm) and compare the dB. From my point of view this design is a complete failure.

  • I meant pcb
  • Thanks. Had to expand one side a bit to accommodate the hole for the screws. Holes have a 2mm step to get the screw heads level to the upper layer. So they don't short the pub.
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