I have started a build of a 2.5m Octocopter.
One of the many difficulties lies with the flight controller, as the ones I have seen are sometimes limited in size, presumably because of the PID algorithms.
Does anybody know or have experience to recommend a flight controller suitable?
Many thanks.

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Here are some of flight controllers Dji N4 , A2, A3 , MikroKopter Flight Ctrl , TopXGunT1 , PX4, PIX-HAWK CUBE, PIX-HAWK

Thanks for the suggestions OG, most of those are new to me.
It will take me some time to real about them in turn.

Depends on the application you looking to use your vehicle for.

Without that knowledge i would advise anything where you can install the PX4 firmware stack. For a big machine I probably would use Pixhawk 2.1

Thanks for the suggestion Armin Strobel, I will have a look.

I should have explained more perhaps, the platform is for filming, so I am looking for something very stable.

I am also quite interested to delve into the system, if it is open, but thats another thing.

Beware that the more big are the propellers the more difficult is to control their inertia.

Start with a smaller and most important with a lightest copter do some filming and then reconsider your project. t

You will probably find that flight time is essential when you do filming especially if you have a director without very clear ideas.

Anyway I will start with a traditional Pixhawk and not a Pixhawk 2.1 , if you buy a Pixhawk made in Usa it is more reliable than the 2.1 IMO

I want to know what's you power system?

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