Flight Controller for 2.5m Octocopter

Hi,I have started a build of a 2.5m Octocopter.One of the many difficulties lies with the flight controller, as the ones I have seen are sometimes limited in size, presumably because of the PID algorithms.Does anybody know or have experience to recommend a flight controller suitable?Many thanks.

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  • I want to know what's you power system?

  • Beware that the more big are the propellers the more difficult is to control their inertia.

    Start with a smaller and most important with a lightest copter do some filming and then reconsider your project. t

    You will probably find that flight time is essential when you do filming especially if you have a director without very clear ideas.

    Anyway I will start with a traditional Pixhawk and not a Pixhawk 2.1 , if you buy a Pixhawk made in Usa it is more reliable than the 2.1 IMO

  • Thanks for the suggestion Armin Strobel, I will have a look.

    I should have explained more perhaps, the platform is for filming, so I am looking for something very stable.

    I am also quite interested to delve into the system, if it is open, but thats another thing.

  • Depends on the application you looking to use your vehicle for.

    Without that knowledge i would advise anything where you can install the PX4 firmware stack. For a big machine I probably would use Pixhawk 2.1

  • Thanks for the suggestions OG, most of those are new to me.
    It will take me some time to real about them in turn.
  • Here are some of flight controllers Dji N4 , A2, A3 , MikroKopter Flight Ctrl , TopXGunT1 , PX4, PIX-HAWK CUBE, PIX-HAWK

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